September Leaves
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September Leaves


Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"September Leaves INTRO Rezension Juli 09"

Felt Mini EP// Miss Catnip

Die Grenze zwischen Kitsch und Herzblut ist eine feine. Wenn man also eine EP in einer handgenähten Filzhülle in Blattform rausbringt und dann auch noch das Cover handbeschriftet, kann man eine Menge falsch machen. Das ist bei dieser Mini-EP des Songwriters Gerd Böttler alias September Leaves nicht der Fall. Denn zum einen ist dieses auf 50 Exemplare limitierte Werk ein Schmuckstück, und zum anderen sind auch die drei darauf enthaltenen Tracks feinste Songwriterkunst, die einen tatsächlich in einen septemberlichen Wald entführen kann, in dem eine verwehte Stimme durch die Blätter streicht und herabfallende Laubblätter von sanften Gitarrenklängen gefangen werden. Wäre dieses >>Quiet Is The New Loud<<-Ding noch so hip wie einst, hätten >>Like A Monarch<<, >>These Eyes<< und >>The Race<< allesamt das Zeug dazu, scih zwischen den Songs von Kings of Convenience, I AM Kloot und Turin Brakes zu behaupten. Da dieses wunderbare Release sicher bald vergriffen sein wird, hilft nur eins: Warten auf das Album in Baumstumpf-Verpackung. - Daniel Koch - - Daniel Koch


Album (2007, Eisenbahnrecords): Cover The Sky With Gold

Limited Edition Felt Mini EP (Mai 2009, limitiert auf 50 Stück)

Airplay: M94.5 Radio + Mephisto 97.6



'September Leaves'
LoFi Pop/ Alternative

BORN somewhen between the mid 19th & late 20th century (exact date of birth might forever remain a mystery since the according documents were destroyed in a disastrous fire), MR LEAVES was brought up with a sense of beauty & melancholy in a tiny sylvan village near the SWABIAN ALB. He is a 28-times removed descendant of Frederick BARBAROSSA with whom he not only shares the distinctive red beard but also a very STRONG CHARISMA & UNDEVIATING AMBITION.

SOON AFTER his birth, so chronicles state, he followed his fathers footsteps & joined the local digital brush and easel artists. On a golden day in September, not too long ago, however, he laid down his brush forever, set out on a journey to the moon to prove it's made of vanilla cream, and returned safely after a fortnight or two bringing with him a guitar and a heart full of stories.

TODAY, he roams all the many realms inhabited by musically receptive folks with his WAISTCOAT and ancient SILVER POCKET WATCH to sing about chocolate memories, farewells, blessed & unfortunate moments. September Leaves is one to be a friend of. For real.

LATELY, he was seen cutting COLOURFUL September leaves out of felt. These FELT LEAVES shall function as an exclusive cover for his new Mini EP. So keep an eye out for super-soft & hand-crafted musical leaves...
(But beware, they are said to be limited to 50 copies!)

and when September Leaves - the music remains ...


Edition Miss Catnip