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The best kept secret in music


"Single Review"

We always suspected that Terry Abbott harboured a secret love for Silverchair, though his role as frontman of Vex Red limited the opportunities to express it. Now that he’s striking out alone there’s no such hindrance, and as this first taste of the results of the few weeks he spent holed up with Ross Robinson in LA illustrate, he has it in him to create music that’s far more adventurous and imaginative than either Vex Red or Silverchair, and all by keeping it simple. ‘I Am Weightless’, the lead track here, sounds exactly like Vex Red’s ‘Can’t Smile’ in the hands of Daniel Johns and Co., themselves perennially written off as late-at-the-party grunge-lite. It seems that Abbott’s starting his own party though, and the grunge is to the fore, together with a distinctly ‘classic’ strain of rock. It’s a combination that, surprisingly - amazingly - works brilliantly. Colour me surprised, but this raises expectations for Septembre’s forthcoming album to unsustainable levels. I bet the bastard meets those expectations as well. Welcome back.


Cliff Roberts - Logo Magazine

"Single Review"

Having exploded onto the scene couple of years ago, Brit-rockers Vex Red almost just as quickly imploded. Vocalist Terry Abbott, a singer who is one of the most underated vocalists on the UK rock circuit, disappeared only to re-emerge recently with this new outfit who are quite simply head and shoulders above anything he has done in the past. The sound showcased on their debut EP is soaked in emotion (helped again by a production job courtesy of Ross Robinson), just check out the stunning Always or the beautiful [Face], but not as cluttered as the musical output of Vex Red. The aforementioned [Face] is a colossal, heart-wrenching peice of work and when you hear Abbott wailing over the top of it it's pretty obvious that it is not only Vex Red fans who are going to be working themselves into a obsessed frenzy over this EP. An astonishing return for a very talented musician.

Reviewer Graham Finney -

"EP Review"

Once upon a time there was band called Vex Red whose future looked brighter than a thousand flashlights glaring simultaneously in the midnight air. They released a couple of Ross Robinson produced singles followed by what seemed like a hurriedly thrown together album to cash in on the unabated hyperbole that ensued and then….they disappeared in a haze of acrimonious quarrels and spats.

Septembre is the new vehicle for ex-Vex Red singer Terry Abbott, and his Am-engli-can tones are immediately recognisable as the first chords of opener ‘I Am Weightless’ break out in a flurry of ‘Gish’-era Smashing Pumpkins riffs, Abbott imploring “..if you only ask me kindly, I will not come undone..” almost apologetically before begging “what do you want me to be?” like a man possessed by the demons of old that obviously still rankle away at his stomach.

With Robinson on board once more and also having the benefit of being backed by a seemingly tighter rhythm section than his previous incarnation, Abbott’s wavering vocal holds the semi-acoustic ‘Always’ together like a tube of industrial strength Bostik Super Glue while the energetic ‘Happy’ sees the diminutive front man in a mood that’s anything but, as lyrical couplets like “I don’t want to go on without love any more…” suggest.

Although Septembre’s roots obviously lie in the metal underground, there’s enough potential on this varied EP to suggest that Britain may have finally found its own answer to the squalling dynamics of Tool, and if that ends up being the case, you can be assured their future will be more healthy and prosperous than the largely unyielding Vex Red.

Dom Gourlay



In his time as frontman for U.K. rock outfit Vex Red, Terry Abbott's heartfelt croons behind the mic did much to embody the emotion portrayed by their dark, electronic-tinged music. Working with renowned producer Ross Robinson undoubtedly did much to spiral the group to attention as they released their first full length "Start With A Strong And Persistent Desire", but following that they somehow succumbed to various internal issues which resulted in the band breaking apart.

Skipping a fair few months of relative inactivity brings us to the present as the aforementioned Terry Abbott has re-emerged in a new project dubbed Septembre, performing the vocal duties as well as piano and guitar parts when necessary, backed up with bass player Jim Lee and drums from Sammy-Lee Tomlinson. Taking a direction with Septembre not dissimilar to that of his former band, Abbott's vocals are tonally downtrodden in a ethereal manner that engulfs and saturates the listener with his emotions, resonating above a delightful display of cleverly penned and passionate instrumental work.

Working with Ross Robinson a second time on his new project will no doubt once again uplift the trio to more attention than would unfortunately normally be awarded to such a genuine act, yet this can only be for the good of things in general and Septembre's premise is a way forward for every scene that champions against-the-grain musicianship and vocal delicacy. With a full length album already recorded and planned for release later in the year, the effort is preceded by a limited edition four song EP titled "Rule 3: Conceal Your Intentions", released on April 12th through Sugar Shack Records. With a varied roster of tracks ranging from the upbeat force of the brief opening cut 'I Am Weightless' to the piano-soaked closing nocturne '(Face)', "Rule 3: Conceal Your Intentions" is undoubtedly a precedent to what will most likely be one of the years most stunning releases.

"Single Review"

This excellent autumnal prog meets extremo group are fronted by one Terry Abbott, ex of Vex Red. And what a massive sound they make, like Oceansize or Amplifier taking on A Hundred Reasons or Funeral For A Friend. In fact, give the absolute massivequeness of the riffola, it comes as no surprise to find out that Ross "Halt! I am Mecha Godzilla!" Robinson's filthy finger prints are all over this really bloody excellent single.
John Doran - Metal Hammer Magazine

"Exposure Feature- Good Intentions"

What does the dedicated frontman do when his band falls apart? Simple, he forms another one. You've heard of Scenes. Now meet Vex Red's latest offshoot, Septembre.

By now, the Vex Red story has become a moral one for aspring young British bands. When a hotshot LA producer (aka Ross Robinson) appears out of nowhere and promises to make all your dreams come true, think twice before signing on the dotted line. Vex Red didn't, and while they had the time of their lives for all of 10 minutes, when reality hit it wasn't pretty. "I was over the moon at the beginning," recalls former Vex Red frontman Terry Abbott, now fronting Septembre. "but we were signed to a label (Virgin Records) where no one know who we were. Then a few decisions that were totally out of our control left us adrift." It was around this time that the rot started to set in. "We'd just played our last gig and I'd written a bunch of songs that I'd kept aside from Vex," he remembers. " I figured, "Hang on, there's something not right here if I'm keeping stuff by." Claiming he was "sick of the whole circus of it all", Terry decided it was time to move on and go it alone. "I'm sad I never got to sit down with the boys and explain. But I'd made my mind up,"he says. Back in his hometown Terry recruited two local musicians to complete the line-up for his new venture, but not before jetting off to LA to record an album with, you guessed it, Ross Robinson. "Ross hadn't heard a song," he continues. "He just had enormous faith and belief."

But if things were finally looking up for the dejected singer, there would still be one more hurdle to overcome. Abbott had recorded the new album using a demo deal signed with Artist Direct Records in February 03. When the label subsequently went out of business, he was bound to see his contract through and that meant virtually a year of inactivity. "I've been hit by back luck twice," he muses. "Now I'm looking forward to being an unsigned band for one. I"ve found two amazing friends who indulge in this whole gothic thing more than Vex ever did. I'm not tring to relive Vex Red. I want to play it down as much as possible." A tall order right now, but not an impossible one.

Words: Victoria Durham - Rock Sound Magazine

"Singles Review"

If there was an award for being The Best Band At Sounding Life Another Band, Septembre (led by former Vex Red frontman Terry Abbott) would win hands down. Their take on Silverchair's hypnotic dynamic is spot on. And,as tow Silverchairs are beter than one, we applaud.
JK - The Fly


This is the new outfit fronted by former Vex Red frontman Terry Abbott. Produced by metal uber-producer Ross Robinson, this is solid hard rock that really deserves to do the business. - Musicweek

"Rock Solid with Simon Rushworth"

Vex REd may have fallen by the wayside following the collapse of Virgin offshott, I am Recordings, but former frontman, guitarist and principal songwriter is back with a bang in April.

The 25-year old has formed new band, Septembre, and next Monday sees the release of the three-piece's stunning debut, the Rule 3: Conceal Your Intentions EP.

Hooking up with former Vex Red producer Ross Robinson, Abbott wrote the bulk of Septembre's material in a lodge at Big Bear Mountain.

Four of the finished tracks feature on the band's ne EP and a full UK tour is being planned for the summer.
- The Journal

"Rock and Pop"

An intriguing mix of vulnerable vocals and metal-edged rock make the songs on this extended player so absorbing. Throw in a couple of catchy choruses and you've got a force to be reckoned with. Intelligently written insistent rock. - Hartlepool Mail


Rule 3: Conceal Your Intentions EP- Sugar Shack Records. Single "I am Weightless" received plays on BBC Radio 1 (the Rock Show and Zane Lowe) Kerrang Radio playlisted and SBM playlisted. Live set on XFM XFM


Feeling a bit camera shy


"From rock'n'roll to house, some of the best British music has been made when home-grown acts have taken American sounds and remodelled them drastically. Vex Red, from Aldershot, are the proteges of Slipknot nu-metal guru, American Ross Robinson. However, they are merely using metal as a springboard from which to launch an all-out assault on the mind and body… At the front of the stage, the microphone stand is festooned with flowers - more Morrissey than metal, but singer Terry Abbott is upsetting preconceptions. In a shiny black suit and tie, he has the face of a Calvin Klein model and hair dye that makes it appear as if a tin of black paint has fallen on his long blonde hair…. The music never lingers anywhere long enough to get too comfortable. The band dip into goth, industrial, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Eno-type synth squiggles; the beautiful, piano-and-cymbals soundscapes echo Joy Division's supernatural stateliness. Abbott's lyrics - often sung with real fragility - explore the pain and destruction that can accompany love with disarming intimacy. Like the realisation that an affair has been betrayed, his favourite trick is shattering a dreamy reverie with a sharp metallic shock." Dave Simpson, reviewing Vex Red live in the Guardian 18.3.02.

Terry Abbott, the former frontman, singer, guitarist and main songwriter in hugely acclaimed young rockers Vex Red, has formed a brand new band, Septembre, with bassist Jim Lee and drummer Sammy-Lee Tomlinson. The group's debut 'Rule 3 : Conceal Your attentions EP', is set for release on April 12th on Sugarshack Records.

Vex Red were thrust straight into the limelight after Kerrang! invited unsigned bands to send their demos in to producer Ross Robinson, who immediately signed them to his I Am Recordings label, through Virgin, in 2001. A string of hugely acclaimed singles and the band's debut album followed, along with tours with the likes of Bush and Staind, and a prestigious slot on the US Warped Tour in 2002. However, despite Vex Red's rave reviews (e.g. "Mesmerising…Very possibly the best new rock band in Britain" - NME 6.4.02, "Brims With Brilliance" - Metal Hammer March 2002, "British Rock Music at its best - melodies, songs, emotion and 100% pure fire" - Rock Sound March 2002) and a top 40 album, Virgin subsequently dropped the entire label at the end of 2002.

Terry Abbott, the 25-year-old from Yateley who already left the band, started to map out a moodier stripped-down sound and found himself penning songs in a new vein; emotionally drenched songs that manage to be dark and subtle on the one hand, whilst on the other, rocking so hard they rattle the foundations. Upon hearing that Terry had moved on from Vex, Ross invited him out to LA to record his new material. Terry caught the next flight to L.A., holed up in a lodge at Big Bear Mountain to practice, and within two weeks found himself cutting the tracks out at Ross' favourite recording studio in Venice Beach. Four of these are included on the irresistible 'Rule 3 : Conceal Your attentions EP'.