A brutal mixture of old school thrash and contemporary metal, meant for headbanging and throwing your horns in the air. Fast, balls to the wall, no bullshit METAL!


An assault on your senses like an exploding nailbomb, with an infectious combination of old school and contemporary heavy music, SEPTIC delivers brutal and bloody thrash metal like no other. Comprised of 5 long time mates playing the kind of music they love, SEPTIC have a single theory: “If we play really, really fast no one will be able to hear how shit we are, this also applies to the guitar solos.�

Our influences are as varied as each of the members but we share a great deal of respect for Slayer, Violater, old Sepultura, old Metallica, Municipal Waste, Venom and Anthrax to name a few. Our sound is in and of its own, must be experienced to be understood.


Jawbreaker EP - 2008 (unreleased)

Set List

Nailbomb - Consumed by Hatred - Hollow - Cement Boots - The Mind - Blood on the Walls

We are currently writing material to lengthen and vary our sets. We currently play fast 30 minute sets.