Delavan, Wisconsin, USA

Formed in the summer of 2009, we began doing songs in the sanctuary of our Church on Mondays and Tuesdays. We normally wrote each song in about 90 minutes, then practiced for another hour. We initially made some easy church sound system recordings but the equipment was too buzzy and muddy. Our Church family encouraged us to record a CD so we did. We hope you like our form of Christian Music.


Erik Emerson 29 yrs old.
Dwight Davis 54 yrs old.

Heavenly Metal, Christian Rock, Direct LXX Lyrics.


The Blessed Ones

Written By: Dwight Davis

The BLESSED ONES (Matthew 5)
Copyright 2010 SeptuagintLXX, All Rights Reserved

[Verse 1]

Blessed are/is

1) The Poor in Spirit
Theirs is the KINGDOM
2) They that Mourn
They Shall find COMFORT
3) The Meek Ones
They Shall Inherit THE EARTH

[Verse 2]

Blessed are/is

1) the Righteous
They Shall be FILLED
2) the Merciful
They Shall Find MERCY
3) Pure in Heart
They See GOD's Only FACE


Let's speak the truth, in love
Let's Speak, Revelation
You know there's only one God
His Name, Ye-shu-a


Salt and Light
A Burning Flame
A Candlestick
In JESUS name

Blinding Light

Written By: Dwight Davis

Blinding Light (Acts 9)
Copyright 2010 SeptuagintLXX Band, All Rights Reserved

[Verse 1:]
I Wasted all believers
Drank Blood
I Killed a man named Stephen
I was Big in my religion
I Made Lots of Money
Many Friends
[Verse 2:]
A light shined around me
A voice of loving kindness
It’s Hard to Kick against You
Sharp Pricks
Who art Thou Yahweh?
I’m on a Straight Street
In Damascus
They Led this Blind Man
By the Hand
I Learned that God’s Voice
Is Je-sus
He Chose me to Preach
His Name

Jesus (4X)
A Blinding Light (4X)

Virtuous Woman

Written By: Dwight Davis

Copyright 2010 Septuagint.LXX, All rights reserved
Verse 1:
When I look
Into your eyes
I see My flesh
I’m satisfied
And now when
Times are down
I draw you closer
To My side

(Oh) It's you,
It’s only you
Virtuous Woman
In My life
When you call
Speak My name
Tell me you love me
Every way

Verse 2:
There’s no one else
With your smile
It’ your beauty
Deep Inside
When you doubt
About My love
O’ Listen Closely
To My voice

What am I? Psalm 8

Written By: Dwight Davis

Copyright 2010 Septuagint.LXX Band, All rights reserved

What am I
That You are mindful
Who am I
That You are mindful

Verse 1 (repeat):
Thy excellent name, in all the earth
Praise of babes, strength ordained

Verse 2(repeat):
By looking above, the moon and the stars
Creation ordained, Your fingers I see,

Verse 3(repeat):
The son of man, Honor Thou gave
Lower than all, with glory crowned

Verse 4(repeat):
You granted to me, dominion to rule
The paths of the sea, under my feet


First album: Blood and Water for Dry Ground.

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