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Separate Ways

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Separate Ways Turns Up The Heat in Trinidad for Summerfest!"

That was a totally hot show u guys did for Summerfest. Wanna see yall back here ASAP. Rock on! - Pier 1 - Miles

"Da Big Dawg of Mix 95 FM Reviews Separate Ways @ Summerfest"

Guys,I'm one of the jocks at Mix95fm,and I gotta hand it to you,awesome performance..I was getting calls weeks after the show from 95'ers who were blown away by your gig..I'm trying to talk the promoters of that show into bringing you guys back here to open for The Outfield..that'd be a hell of a IF you get that call,drop whatever you're doing and come on back! - Da Big Dawg - Mix 95 FM

"FAN REVIEWS of Separate Ways Live Performances!"

Reviewer: Deborah S Email:

I just watch the video\'s and listened to the band.All I can say is\"AMAZING\".I have to admit that I have known your new band member Dino for many year and thats how I heard of your band.I have followed him for many years because I Love his voice.Your band is complete and can\'t wait to see and hear you all preform.

Reviewer: Pat Petrivelli Email:

Hi,I am a big Journey fan. I saw this band for the first time,and think they are great.

Reviewer: david j Email:

i think that this show was great and this show was fantastic dans vocal was amazing and i supported him and the band and will always will cuz they had a kick ass performance and will gladly support them

Reviewer: Anna Email:

...ain't nothing better...

Reviewer: Steve Augeri LOL Email:

Ahhh, Steve Perry's back from the dead!! Ok he's not dead, but if he was, the singer in this band would fit the bill. I would even go as far as saying, in terms of VOICE he could give both Perry and Augeri a run for their $$. No, I'm not kidding.

Reviewer: Dave Email:

you guys r living journey of today. I personally went back to summerfest just for this band. They are amazing even for the second time around .I hope there will be a third great show guys keep the journey alive!

Reviewer: Sharon Email:

Great show. Tight band. Wanna see more pics from April Fest!

Reviewer: Kyna Email:

i love the performances. can it get any better?? could i ask for more? it was the BEST...THANKS TO THE BEST MIX (95.1fm)

Reviewer: Ida Ali Email:

Separate Ways rocked!!! Our gang found them to be the best group of the night. Hope they return soon. Guys, you gave a helluva performance and won our hearts.

Reviewer: kristine Email:

i was one of the girls right up in front & i had so much fun! you guys totally rock. i've been a journey fan so long i even had the atari game 'escape'...hope you guys come back to play in trinidad soon & you get to hear more of our local rock bands too. y'all really connected with the crowd...keep it up. and thanks for the bass pick! now i won't chip a nail when i'm practicing :-)

Reviewer: Cecile Email:

Awesome. Closed my eyes and it was like Journey for real, man. Just wondering though, is Kevin in both bands, Adrenalize and this one?

Reviewer: shivy Email:

hey remember me the small gurl who waz at your concert an steve an kevin signed my t-shirt . it waz a really good show wel hope 2 see u all soon an well keep doing what u are doing bye

Reviewer: Joel Email:

This band is really good. I am really impress with their performance. The band was tight and had good timing even though the mix they got was a bit poor. As a musician I must say that they are really skilled. I hope to see them back in Trinidad in a show all by themselves.

Reviewer: Greg Email:

Went to the show on Saturday. I had to turn to one of my friends to ask if Steve Perry was singing with "Separate Ways"!!! Really great performance. Rock on!!!

Reviewer: essy Email:

I saw this band just once and think they did a great job. The lead singer's voice is a dead ringer for Steve Perry's.Plus the band was really nice towards the audience. Very engaging and charismatic. Rock On!

Reviewer: Randy Email:

Man, that was one awesome show dudes. You guys rocked out hard, and we loved it all. Here in Trinidad, there's a huge rock following, and we have alot of local bands but the "rock scene" is considered kinda underground. It was really cool to hear you guys play, the concert was awesome, and i know the crowd was jus rocking and singing along to every song. Keep rocking guys, and come back to Trinidad! - The Fans from Around The World!


Still working on that hot first release.



The Next Best Thing To Journey

Separate Ways is The Ultimate Journey Show! It truly defies description. It’s the experience of all of the subtle nuances, inflections, harmonies and visual gratifications of seeing the original show of Journey.

Separate Ways brings the highest level of musicianship to the audience while showing a true respect for the music of Journey.

An evening with Separate Ways is truly an "unforgettable" experience.........

See why: Theaters, Fairs, Festivals, Colleges, Casinos, Parks, Private Events, Charity Planners & Corporations alike, ALL agree that they are:

The Next Best Thing To Journey


• First Energy Stadium (Reading, PA)
• Bally's Casino (Atlantic City NJ)
• Trump Marina (Atlantic City, NJ)
• April/Fest (Trinidad & Tobago)
• Concerts of the Beach (Ocean City, MD)
• Rock the Lock (Akron, Ohio)
• The Sundown Salute (Junction City, KA)
• Rock The Park (Montevideo, MN)

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The Reneri Group

Jeffrey Cerzosie Ray Reneri
646-584-6266 (Cell) 888-811-9723
201-923-8683 (Cell)