New York City, New York, USA

Sequel is a New York based rock band with influences ranging from rock, funk, jam band and rhythm and blues.


Born out of the ashes of a popular NYC jamband, Sequel consists of four unique individuals with widely disparate musical reference points and influences, including rock, funk, metal, jazz, R&B, jam and soul. Yet, Sequel blends these varied influences into rich, coherent and layered original music that is sure to please fans of any genre.

Sequel features Paloma Lehfeldt's soaring vocals, Dennis McCoobery's melodic guitar work, and John Keenoy's and Pat's thunderous rhythm section. Sequel's music is best experienced live. Since the band vows never to play any song the same exact way twice, each of Sequel's high-energy live performances is unique and unpredictable, and always leaves the audience wanting more. Although relatively new to the scene, Sequel has wowed audiences at several of NYC's best venues, including Arlene's Grocery, Ace of Clubs, Fontana's and Uncle Mike's (with more shows at cool venues in the works). The band was also a featured finalist in the Upper Eastside Music Festival's 'Battle of the Bands.' The bottom line is: You shouldn't miss a chance to experience Sequel live.

Set List

We have a vast array of original music, and can play sets ranging from 45 minutes to several hours. Additionally, we have an extensive cover repertoire culled from various genres.