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Sequel to Adam

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Feeling a bit camera shy


So you know that scene in “A Christmas Story” when the kid gets triple-dog-dared to stick his tongue to a metal flagpole in the dead of winter? Well, I triple-dog-dare you to pigeonhole Sequel to Adam. Go ahead. Try and pick a genre. Or better yet, figure out what other bands they sound like. It’s going to take an equation and even then you probably won’t enter the correct variables to get a good answer on the other side of the equals sign. It’s melodic and catchy – but they’re no bubblegum pop crew. It’s thrashy and you can pull your rock muscle at a live show – but it’s not exactly hardcore. Deep, humanitarian lyrics – but they wouldn’t be caught dead being called emo. In fact, if you go through with that triple-dog-dare, you’re bound to end up with your tongue hanging out of your mouth, sputtering words that don’t exactly make sense. In an industry obsessed with name calling, Sequel to Adam will use sticks (drumsticks anyway) and stones (better known as Rock) to get their point across. However, if at all possible, they will avoid breaking any bones, but opt instead for breaking boundaries, for using what they know to construct something relatively unheard of (though nothing is new under the sun, right?) – music that shuts up the label-happy and pumps up the rock-happy. So, go ahead and do it, you have my permission, say no to triple-dog-dares, and say YES to Sequel to Adam and their different (but in a good way) tunes. If you’re at home, feel free to sit back and enjoy, but if you’re coming out to see them, leave your sitting pants in the closet and put on your rock socks – Luke, Ric, Jon, Paul, and Jason beg of you – come out with your hands up and try something different for a change. I triple-dog-dare you.