Serafino is a young composer with a desire to create music that he'd like to hear that just doesn't exist yet. He explores recording and writing rock, jazz, classical and electro-acoustic music. His lyrics deal with natural, social and mystical aspects of life.


Serafino is a versatile composer seeking opportunities to write music for film and for institutions in need of a signature piece of music.

Serafino has had music flow through him since the age of three. He sang a song for his newborn sister when he cradled her for the first time. Around the same time he accompanied his parents to rehearsals for Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta The Pirates of Pinzants. He would bring with him wardrobe changes and sing and act out parts even before the actors had learned them themselves.

He began writing songs at the age of sixteen after returning home to the frozen Canadian community of Williams Lake after living for a year in Australia with his family. The process of composition was demystified upon taking up a personal study of Pierre Boulez’ serialism.
Shortly there after he started using a four-track recorder. He has been developing his recording techniques working as an engineer at Gladgnome Studios since 2007.

He has a large variety of music recorded and written both independently and in collaboration. He has recently completed his Communications degree at Simon Fraser University and applies the theories and ideas learned to musical settings. His composition Door Rude written for Piano, cello and flute is an example of this. Its form is based upon Communication theorist’s Harold Innis’ Bias of Communications Theory. A central theme is that as the speed of media exchange increased throughout history the information disseminated became more abundant and complex. In synthesizing this structure to the history of music a gradual harmonic expansion occurs. The twelve notes of the well tempered scale are introduced one by one.

For Serafino, inspiration is firmly rooted in experience. It can come from most anywhere: from observing a tree losing all its leaves over the course of ten minutes or an incidental conversation with a commuter on public transit. He is fascinated by how Charles Ives and Olivier Messian were able to take natural processes and press them into a practical composition. The natural world contains an infinite amount of inspiration from which an idea can be gleaned and plucked.

For the purposes of solo performance, he accompanies his lyrics with the guitar. The Bubbles is an example of this. He has also been commissioned to compose music for Canada’s air traffic control agency, NAVCAN. Surface to Infinity and MLAT – Helicopter Version are two samples from this project. He was responsible for arranging, recording and hiring musicians heard on these sessions.


The Bubbles

Written By: Cameron Catalano

Ma Earth seems to be
Angry you see
And when she turns up the heat
The ark shall be retrieved

40 nights and an olive branch
Relief that there’s another chance
To grow again starting anew
Flushing preconceptions
Once tried and true

What would the world be like…
If all life could link
Into the harmonic synchronicity
Of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony

Can the end yet be seen?
Apocalyptic reality of a dream
Stranded to sea
Is all we may be
If the ice melts enough
To drown Himalayan trees.

Millions aligned to construct pyramids
Or promote the Aryan race
How can we all work together
Sustaining humankind
From eminent decline?

A virus to infiltrate
An earthquake to break
Man’s reign on Earth
Uprooted stakes
Of land and Grandpa’s legacies
All that’s left will be dust
I guess
When nature collides uncertainly

The measures that we must take
Will be followed through at any rate
To plug the hole for another day
Weaving a world
For our children's grandchildren
To play

The key to eternity is not Immortality

Half Forgotten Dream

Written By: Cameron Catalano

It's coming on
It's coming on

What? What? What? You ask

We're going far

The shaping of this plot you'll find
No set rhythm or design
But unfolding as you'll hear
Images just floated thru your ears

The setting of this scene
Falls somewhere in between

Tempo starts off soft and slow
But builds momentum as we go
Among the hidden lost abyss
Of truth and life and all of this

The setting of this scene
Falls somewhere in between
A half forgotten dream

We get a choice
Raise your voice

There's one's with tasks and
One's with plans and
Some with friends to lend a hand

Time for take off
Here we go
Pulsing Through
Electric glow
Blessed with memories and time
To document and to define

The setting of this scene
Falls somewhere in between
A half forgotten dream


Written By: cameron catalano

We only notice the subtleties
When we don't know what's there
When all the walls fall down
Will we care where?

We've got the brains that can't be bought
We've got the means to gain all that they've got
I tip my hat to those who shine thru
That do as they ought to do

Yer not going anywhere
If yer just going round and round
Everybody's lonely on the streets downtown
Pavement cracks and the gum-stained ground
We all walk by without a sound

We've gotta realize
Begin to mobilize
Listen to the wise
Close your tired eyes

Set List

Serafino's set lists are unique in that he draws his songs from three sources.

A third of his set list includes songs that he has written, a third is comprised of songs his friends have written and the other third is drawn from popular music.

Songs from the popular realm that he regularly performs are:

Castles Made of Sand (Jimi Hendrix)
The Cello Song (Nick Drake)
Old Brown Shoe (The Beatles)
Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles)
Clumsy (Our Lady Peace)
Road To Joy (Bright Eyes)
Tonight Tonight (Smashing Pumpkins)
Someday (The Strokes)
Wot's Uhh the Deal (Pink Floyd)
A Hazy Shade of Winter (Simon and Garfunkel)