Rochester, Michigan, USA

SERAPHIM is, at the bare minimum, a progressive rock band. Any style that may be crossed, will be taken in and filtered through good old-fashioned rock and roll. SERAPHIM are the highest choir of angel. The versatility, beauty, honesty and faith fit, and are the reason we cloak ourselves, SERAPHIM.


SERAPHIM is, at the bare minimum, a progressive rock band. That is to say that any style that may be crossed, will certainly be taken in and filtered through good old-fashioned rock and roll. SERAPHIM are the highest choir of angel in the hierarchy of angels. They are said to have a head and/or a face for each major direction, and three pairs of wings. One at the feet, one in the middle, and one at the shoulders or head. A versatile, honorable being, who has the utmost faith in it's purpose. They speak to and for God, whether good or bad. We obviously don't, but it is a beautiful image, and represents a great thing. The versatility, beauty, honesty and faith are a few of the reasons we have cloaked ourselves, musically, as SERAPHIM.

SERAPHIM was formed in a barn in a remote section of a smaller town. After taking in as much music and creative information as possible, the basis began to form. Influences ranging from Django Reinhardt to Primus, Billie Holiday to Rage Against the Machine, and even Broadway productions to Zeppelin, Evan Godfrey began to create songs and ideas as the seed of SERAPHIM. After playing with many groupings, including drums with the future bass player, Jeff Daldin, Evan approached Jeff about starting a band that would have no musical bounds or discriminations. The music of SERAPHIM was determined to have no one particular style, no one particular set of influences, no one particular set of clothes, and no one particular goal in mind, besides creating new and original music, that can still easily be understood and touch even the most different person from any of us.

Jeff and Evan played with various drummers, as they continued to write songs, and come up with ideas for the band. Eventually, as fate, and a music class at a fairly local community college would have it, they found a drummer. His name is Aaron Issacson. This final piece to the puzzle, helped set in motion a great splurge of creativity and excitement for SERAPHIM and the world around it.

SERAPHIM rehearsed and wrote songs for a nice period of time, working out all the kinks, and bonding as musical brothers, before beginning to perform in the local area. Playing in places that were nice, shitty, empty and packed, the band began to form a solid reputation as a good band, with an original sound, that can definitely bring it, musically and passionately.

What sets this band apart from other bands, is simply, our music. We pride ourselves on not yet being able to be defined by a single word. The only single idea that should ever be used to do so, is "rock and roll." Everything is an influence. Life itself is an influence. SERAPHIM wants to see everything, hear everything, try everything, and live through everything. And all of that forms and influences our music. We don't have synchronized outfits, or dance moves on stage, but we have synchronized minds, instruments and hearts. This strong musical, brotherly bond, is what sets us apart as well. Most bands whom we play with are barely friends, and they sure don't seem to enjoy themselves without a benefit or two for themselves. SERAPHIM is not like this. SERAPHIM is about passion, love, newness and originality. Music, Music, MUSIC! That is what this band is about.

SERAPHIM is constantly searching for new ideas, new influences, and new ways to express ourselves. It is a simple notion that drives us on our path. We want to play everywhere, for everybody, and show them that new ideas and original sounds are still out there. That music must move to new areas, drawing influence from all that came before it. Passion and originality are at the heart of this. They are incredibly important to the band, and to the future of music as well.


Finish Line

Written By: Evan Godfrey

O after N
The time it will come when
Reason well it depends
O it's on again

I want to race you
Yes I want to race you to the Finish Line

Oh it is so very bold
To assume that I will fold
Close to the chest
I bet you're not the very best

That's why...

Oh they know your plans
Oh they know your plans

How could I chained
When I could just stain
On the same plain
I am today


Spanish Shit

Written By: Evan Godfrey

Oh they wouldn't say where they all were going to
But that is fine cause I have things I'd rather do
Taking my breath is something no thing can do
Unless for some reason that dream came into view

Oh he should have said what he thought while inside you
And she should have said what this was from her real view
Words are useless when they are not heard
I think I need to find the right word

Cause you, will be, forever, stuck
At the conflicts, between you, you could never, confront.

In the end it will not be the ground that we will stand upon
The dreams we hold in all our heads are the dreams we build upon

So go
Walk to that door
Straight to the core
You are their war


Written By: Evan Godfrey

I'll make my own
Inside my home
We're not alone
Inside what's known
Act to your laws
Forgo the cost
Speak for what's lost
Embrace the cause

Brace for the clues
Look for the truth
What'd you think you knew
To what will you do
Let's turn our waste
Before it's safe
We're on our way
And we'll make it today

Why do you make my head come undone
What is this thing that we have begun
Who was the last one you did show
How could you sink much further below
Everyone always wants to know
Why we are here and where we will go
But questions are something with to play
For it will always be today




Single: "Undone" 2009

Single: "Spanish Shit" 2009

Single: "Finish Line" 2009


Single: "Hand to God" 2010