Seraphim Banquet

Seraphim Banquet


Our music stems from intuition and a humanist outlook. We like to recite the adage: "Be your own God!" Whenever we need motivation to make music.


We started jamming in Jack Rutka's attic, heavily influenced by found objects, such as a small painting of an extra-terrestrial family as well as Jack's stencil work, all of which remained in the attic until we were forced to find other practice quarters in his garage.


We have nothing released at the moment. We have made multiple recordings on cassette tapes, yet the quality of these recordings is very low-fi. Later this summer, we'll release a CD on Megaphone Records, record label of fellow Baltimore musician, Jason Willett.

Set List

We improvise mostly. But, we do have a few songs that are occasionally interspersed into our show. One is called "Sloan". Another is called "Night Light". A third is referred to as "Try the Sky".