Seraphim Slaughter

Seraphim Slaughter


New Jersey Scum Terror. Old school Black Metal, Thrash and Punk influenced.


Seraphim Slaughter was founded by Creepo and Archduke odnanref in 2002. A month later Carnifex joined as the Guitar player. Secus Actio joined in 2004 and the band went on to record "To Cataclysmic Path" Demo. Later that year Secus Actio left. After writing alot of really shitty songs that were ulimately scraped and going through over a dozen ex-members Christ Von Kieck joined as the Drummer in 2005. Seraphim Slaughter recored another demo, "Armageddon Rape Rampage". Currently Seraohim Slaughter is mixing and mastering a 10 song, full-length album entitled, "Scum Terror" named after the genre the band has created.


To Cataclysmic Path- Demo 2004
Armageddon Rape Rampage- Demo 2006
Scum Terror- LP 2007

Set List

1- Die You Fucking Scum
2- Stabbed with an AIDS Needle
3- Cervix Ripping Sex
4- Homicidal Halloween Night
5- Scum Terror
6- Black Labyrinths
7- Seraphim Slaughter
8- To Cataclysmic Path
9- Armageddon Rape Rampage
10- I'm The Unholy Motherfucking Master

Our set runs for about 45 mins.

We have done Venom covers.