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Seraphim's Worship

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Seraphims Worship -- I liked the combination of the voices and the acoustic accompaniments because it made it easier to hear and enjoy the harmonies. What a focused collection of songs, all aimed directly at God's worthiness and worship. God can and will use such direct acts of worship. Godspeed, tatternew
- tatternew


There are few groups that will inspire you after listening the first time. Seraphim's Worship, to me, is one of those groups. The songs bring you to the presence of the Almighty. Powerful music! - SeeBeyondToday

"CD Review -- Project "Worthy""

Have you ever heard sweet harmonies sung by family members? Well, that is what you will hear when you listen to Seraphim’s Worship CD “Worthy” created by sister and friends. The project starts out with a very worshipful song called “Worthy is the Lamb”, which I am guessing is the song in which the CD was titled. The song has a very simple arrangement and accompanied by a synth and a percussive pulse of what sounds like a set of hand percussion instruments. Each song is very intimate and prayerful like in the song “Jeremiah’s Song”, which talks about leaning on God for everything even in the hard times in our lives. In track 4, “I Will Worship You”, the piano is introduced and arranged with a violin and flute in another meditative worship tune. The music takes a wild turn in track 5, which really was a surprise, “Changed in an Instant”, with a sort of Jewish waltz that you might hear in a musical. I wasn’t sure it belonged in the middle of this CD but in the end it was a nice change of pace. The rest of the project turns back to worship and has very comforting content. My personal favorite was track 7, “Jesus, I Love You”, a medley tastefully done and could be enjoyed by all ages, especially my four year old, who would love to dance and sing with this song. If you like worship and the sweet sounds of simple arrangements, you will adore this project. Play it during devotionals or before that last light is turned off at the close of each night. You can find out more about Seraphim’s Worship at

By Connie Whitlock
Founder of King Cat Music - Connie Whitlock -- King Cat Music

"Eastern Jackson County Christian Music Festival"

Thank you for the blessing of your music and talents you shared with our community. Your music is very original and fit perfectly with our line up. We were shooting for diversity and with the djembes, guitar, keys and drums, with your harmonies you were able to add an extra spice to the show. Our schedule was tight and everyone involved helped to make group transitions smooth. Thanks for the flexibility and willingness to help us prepare to get you on stage. We had a blast having you at the show, and I hope you all enjoyed the other events at the show.

Bill Rexford - Bill Rexford


"Worthy" released February 14, 2008

Track list:
1. "Worthy Is The Lamb”
2. "Behold the Lamb"
3. "Jeremiah's Song"
4. "I Will Worship You"
5. "Changed In An Instant"
6. "Psalm 62"
7. "Jesus I Love You Medley"
8. "Seasons"
9. "Lion of Judah"

Vocals: Cheryl Davis, Neveda Wayland, Tracy Wayland, and Robyn Zafft
Acoustic and Electric Guitar: Cheryl Davis
Mandolin: Cheryl Davis
Djembe and other percussion: Robyn Zafft
Violin: Andrea Hammond
Flute: Lisa Antonini
Drum Kit and Cymbals: Dave Storms
Recorded by Dave Storms at Destiny Audio, Independence MO –
Photos by Abundant Moments Photography –



Seraphim's Worship is a group of friends who aim to live lives that glorify the Lord. We chose our group name because the “Seraphim” in the Bible are the angels who constantly sit before the Lord day and night, night and day, crying “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty.” It is our aim to be worshipers of God and that our very lives would cry “Holy unto the Lord”... He is worthy to be praised.

Our mission is to fulfill Psalm 33:3 by singing to the Lord a new song… and through that new song to reach the lost, encourage believers, and bring new hope through the message of God’s love.

Cheryl and Neveda are sisters. We grew up as preacher's kids and have always been around music and worship. In 1999, Cheryl and Neveda joined the International House of Prayer ministry in Kansas City and were on staff there for 4 years. Our roots are in the "Night Watch." We spent several hours a day lifting up praise, worship, and intercession. That is where our hearts were captured to sing about the worthiness of the Lord. You'll find that a lot of our song's are about how "Worthy" the Lord is. Most of these songs come straight out of Revelation 5. He is worthy!

Tracy is also a family member. She is Neveda's daughter in law and has been one of Cheryl's best friends for years. She has a great voice and often plays djembe.

We all met Robyn at a "Life Group" that meets in one of our homes. Robyn sings and plays djembe and other percussion instruments.

We go to church with Brian and have played with him on our church worship team.