Seraphyn's music has a fiery spirit and a signature sound.

Punters sense their passion for the rock tradition, as they remind people rock music is alive and well.

Produced by Jeff Martin (Tea Party and the Amarada) who describes Seraphyn as a cross between Led Zepplin and Tool.

Like all great front men, Tony is fired up:

"Mate, we don't sing about tits and ass in this band !

Today there’s just too much crap coming into our ears and outta our mouths,

Time is at hand !"

Chances are, if you like the big rock sound and attitude ?

then you'll like this !

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Mastering their debut now at Poons Head studios, Fremantle

Set List

Hard hitting 45minute set or 90min show

Song list:
Brave; River; Pearl; Incredible Things; Rise; Complex; The System; Kill the Sun; Soul Searcher; Loving Ground

if we've heard of them then they're an influence, especially halcyon dayz of rock