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Seratonin Telegram

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



" Fan Comment"

"Very original gang. Cool stuff." - Hot Chicken, Fan

"Infamous Guitar Review"

"...On my daily trek through the vastness of on-line bands, every once in a while I stumble upon a gem that surprises me. Today my progressive rock diamond in the rough is Seratonin Telegram. These guys are relatively unknown, but after listening to only a few of their tracks I find myself feeling oddly familiar with them. From the first few moments [I] feel as though I'm listening to an altered version of Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' album. The similarity continues down a path that follows the thread from fuzz-toned mid-70s garage-rock through the grungy blasts of The Doors, and finally through mid-90s heartland progressive rock.

Sticking to their prog rock roots, the Telegram isn't satisfied with the typical rock band core of drums, bass and guitar. Saxaphone, piano, organ, keys, and both four and five string bass also encompass their sound. Like the rock giants of the 70s, the Telegram is not concerned with the under-four-minute time constraints that appeal to modern rock radio, but instead focused on time-warped intricacies and technicalities that push rock music limitations...So while the Progressive Rock term has been applied to the music of bands such as King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Soft Machine, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, fans of this genre can now add Seratonin Telegram to the roster and look forward to a one-of-a kind show that leaves them feeling inspired." - Bridgette Oliver,

"OurStage Fan Comment"

"Hot damn my dudes 'Run, Monkey, Run' is blasting through my speakers. Hot tracks and the band is scorching. Whooa stop the press 'When the Flood Comes for You' that ish is on full blast. The intro, the drop, the music, and the change up and the vocals are straight tight...ROOOOOOOOCK OOOOONNN!!!! You guyz just earned a fan in me. Stay true and stay u always...Great job guyz..." - MADDFILE, Musician

"OurStage Fan Comment"

"Very cool concepts, music and visuals." - APM Rock Band, Musicians

"Plus+One Productions Review"

http:// - MJ, Plus+One Productions

"MySpace Fan Comment"

"Glad to have you as a new friend. Checks and Balances is a killer song. Rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Tom, Friend

"SouthSide Blog Review"

"...One thing you'll notice immediately about this band's sound - it doesn't stay within one single genre. You might hear two or three mixed together ...sometimes fluctuating in between riffs and rhythms thus keeping the music fresh and interesting...SouthSide recommends listening to 'Checks & Balances' (for its angst and woe in the vocals behind the guitar soloing wail in the background) and '68c' (for its retro rock throwback sound within the lively rhythm)..." - Southside on the Town Blogspot

"Platinum Plus Universal Records Review"

“As a rock act, Seratonin Telegram has the moves, has the songs, has the chops to bring it home. Seratonin Telegram is talented, fresh and... has maturity and a future career." - Charles Fach, Platinum Plus Universal Records

"2nd Spin Music Review"

"Thanks for doing an outstanding show for 2nd Spin Music...We would like to have you back again so please keep checking our schedule for open dates. You guys really rock, I wish all the best to you in the future!" - Bones, 2nd Spin Music Manager

"SonicBids Fan Comment"

"You guys sound great, love, love the voice, very dynamic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Cathie, Fan


EP - Switzerland (to be released this summer)

Music featured on:
WLUW Radio One Chicago 88.7
Rock Chicago, CAN TV
The Flabby Hoffman Show, CAN TV
Fearless Radio
Screw Pop Culture Radio
The Metal Deli Radio Show
The Rock Deli Radio Show
Hidden Treasures of Rock ‘N Roll, UIC Radio
Indie104 - iRADIO LA



Have you ever heard a band that has a sound like King Crimson, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Sound Garden that leaves music lovers feeling inspired? If you haven't, you should listen to Seratonin Telegram. If you have, then you know you're going to love our sound. Seratonin Telegram stands out from the crowd while showing our original music by not following any of the trends that blow through the windy city.

Seratonin Telegram is an amalgam consisting of a displaced troubadour, a shamanistic reverend, a man of Dali proportions, and a killer of keys. Planted in the murky swamps of the lower Mississippi River and blossoming in the windy city of Chicago, Seratonin Telegram look to push the envelope of rock music by bringing an entirely new sound to the table.

Chris is a Katrina survivor from New Orleans and brings with him the quirky, underground rock sound that is infused with jazz, funk, blues, southern rock, and alternative rock. Jack is a native of Chicago who has played in many local Chicago bands including Volle. Jack brings a sound rooted in Progressive rock, classical, and "machines that 'Bing!'." Alex, also once a member of Volle and Catch the Bear, is a native of Michigan who has spent most of his life in Chicago. Alex brings a bass sound inspired by Neil Young, Built to Spill, and Leonard Cohen. Whitaker Blackall hails from all over the US. Whit brings his Beatles-infused harmony and piano skills to the band. This culmination of sound is accurately described by our name: that our music acts as a telegram to the brain, altering mood much in the way the neurotransmitter serotonin causes euphoria and other such resulting feelings.

Currently, the Telegram are playing their songs live and plotting the successive steps necessary to achieve musical divination. Aside from opening for Collective Soul and from winning the Firefly Vodka Flavor the Music Competition, Seratonin Telegram has embarked upon the voyage of recording new material. The most recent new songs recorded are 68C, Twitchy Eye, Villain with a Thousand Teeth, No One Gets Ahead, and Run, Monkey, Run Pt. I.