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London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Alternative Rock




"Sere Trouble - Burning Milk EP"

Headphones, the lead track from Sere Trouble's latest EP, was our tip on Shell Zenner's Amazing Radio show a few weeks back. The EP, entitled Burning Milk, has now been released in full and across the five songs Sere demonstrates that she's an artist to be reckoned with.

Headphones opens the EP, a tale of a chance meeting outside the pub with someone who commented "I love your headphones" and questioning whether the person's intentions were something more. Mixing some angelic pop-tinged harmonies with a rasping lead vocal, it's clear that Sere has a real ear for challenging her audience.

The rest of the EP takes its lead from Headphones although the four songs are very different in their approach and their style. Drink Myself To The Ground announces itself with a shuffling drum pattern and a bold electronic beat that come in and out throughout the song, but it's Sere's vocals that steal the show again, the lyrics accentuated by the passion that pours out, the way words are emphasized precisely to drill home their message. In The Sun is dominated by a brilliantly constructed chorus where two contrasting vocals collide; a delicious harmony in the background penetrated by an insistent compelling "take these shades off."

Inertia is probably our favourite of the five songs on the EP. It's slightly more restrained than the other four songs, but is wrought with the expectation and tension that it's going to explode into violent life, stopping at points for breath then starting again, and that keeps the listener rapt and the smoky seductiveness of its killer line "I found my peace with you" and some of the keyboard hooks enthrall this listener.

What's In Your Head starts as if it's going to whisk us off our feet and take us to the dancefloor, but it resists the temptation to lose itself in hedonistic abandon and provides a canvas for Sere to really demonstrate the range in her voice which tells the story of the songs here as much as the words themselves.

Sere describes herself in her bio as a "rock star in the making" - we think on the basis of Burning Milk that she's doing herself a disservice. The EP delivers something much more complex and rewarding than your traditional rock and roll. - Even The Stars

"EP Review: Burning Milk by Sere Trouble"

Sere Trouble releases her new EP Burning Milk on 14th June. Pay attention because this is a rock star in the making.

There is a thrilling sound and ethic at the heart of Sere Trouble, think a glossy indie rock swagger with a punk DIY punch and you’ll be on the right course. It’s as if Bloc Party and Cold War Kids merged with Great Cynics. Lead single and EP opener ‘Headphones’ is a real banger. The talent held by Sere Trouble is obvious and infectious. ‘Headphones’ is immediate and pulsating whereas ‘Drink Myself To The Ground’ draws things out a little more with a less instantaneous but equally as infectious sound. There’s a hint of 80s goth just below the surface which feeds through to the superb ‘In The Sun’. The bassline and swagger set it out as the track with the most confidence and pinache.

‘Inertia’ plays as a slow burner letting the power of Sere’s voice come to fore, before ‘What’s In Your Head’ presents itself as the sound in which Sere Trouble excels. Infectious and accessible it surely marks the point from which she pushes on and explodes into the mainstream. - Alt Dialogue

"Fresh Faves: Batch 199"

Anyone remember Cold War Kids?? Well in Sere Trouble we have low end rock, straight from the noughties and, by the sounds of it, a pure front woman in the making (I know Cold War Kids are all men by the way).

I love the raw energy and spirit of this song. Sere sings with such passion and transparency, especially in the chorus with the wavering ‘ooohs’ supporting her desperate cries of confusion and longing. Very little else out there to know about this talent, she remains elusive, which adds to the intrigue.

Sere will play at The Islington in London on May 26th and her new EP Burning Milk is due out soon. - Fresh On The Net

"BSTK Festival Shortlist"

Shortlisted to play at the BSTK Festival amongst hundreds of applicants. - BSTK Festival

"Listen to alternative indie rock musician Sere Trouble"

Unsigned Friday brings you the very best of brand new music every Friday... Have you listened to this week's featured artist, Sere Trouble, yet?

London has arguably the best music scene around, with thousands of talented musicians emerging every day, most of which are unsigned acts waiting for their big break.

Unsigned Friday brings you the very best unsigned music artists from around the capital, as well as giving these acts a platform to promote their music.

This week, getwestlondon 's Emily Chudy caught up with alternative indie rock musician Sere Trouble.

The musician is a solo artist who has just released her new EP Burning Milk, which will be released with 100 vinyl copies.

'I got no style'
Sere said: "I'm alt rock, indie-rock, Bjork-goes-indie, I sound like the Breeders, Sonic Youth, Cat Power, 'a glossy indie rock swagger with a punk DIY punch'. These are all things I've been told (sometimes by drunken people.)

"I got no style, I take my time, I am in motion. Biggest influences are Kerouac and the Beat poets: real, experiencing everything feeling it in your bones and critical of materialistic consumerism.

"Amongst my favourite artists are Blur, Patti Smith, St. Vincent, Metric, Santigold, Pavement, Regina Spektor, Sylvan Esso."

Sere Trouble started playing music as a child, first learning the violin, before moving onto the saxophone, guitar and vocals.

Sere said: "I started playing music when I was very young, messing around with an electric organ we had at home. My parents started me playing the violin when I was 6, that lasted till I was a teenager.

"Then I picked up the sax and the guitar. Now I'm guitar, voice and production."

Sere Trouble is an alternative indie rock musician
Sere Trouble released her brand new EP Burning Milk on June 14, which is available to listen to on Spotify and Soundcloud .

Sere said: "Burning Milk 100% DIY as I wrote the songs, recorded and produced them by myself. It contains five songs: 'Headphones', 'Drink Myself To The Ground', 'In The Sun', 'Inertia', and 'What's In Your Head?'.

"For the first time ever I have printed vinyls too so it's really exciting for me!

"Reactions have been good: radio plays, good blog reviews and enthusiastic comments from friends and fans."

Sere Trouble will be performing gigs and concerts around London this summer, and is thinking about working on a new album going forward.

Sere said: "I have a new project in mind and I think it's going to be an album. For the time being though I am super excited with the prospect of gigging all over the place and focus solely on that.

"I don't think about the future an awful lot BUT I know I want to be playing at big festivals."

AltDialogue said of Sere Trouble's new EP: "There is a thrilling sound and ethic at the heart of Sere Trouble, think a glossy indie rock swagger with a punk DIY punch and you'll be on the right course.

"It's as if Bloc Party and Cold War Kids merged with Great Cynics. Lead single and EP opener 'Headphones' is a real banger." - Get West London | Unsigned Friday

"Track Of The Day : Sere Trouble - Headphones"

Headphones is a great song, it feels like the work of a restless spirit both musically and vocally as it tells the tale of Sere being stopped in the street by a stranger who complimented her on her headphones. It's got brilliant vocal harmonies throughout, which is always a winner in our book, and it doesn't hang around any longer than it needs to clocking in at just under three minutes.

There's very little about Sere on the internet despite her first album being released in 2014, but when she boldly proclaims "I am an independent artist, a rockstar in the making" and you hear Headphones, you can feel that confidence might be justified. - Even The Stars


Burning Milk (2016)
Broken and Uneven Acoustic Set (2015)
Broken and Uneven (2014)



About my craft.
I morph experiences, stories and thoughts into songs that I can share with people that want to listen. Songs that make me feel mostly vulnerable, sometimes invincible.
I always seek motion and change. My craft evolves as I explore and experiment life.
I love performing live shows. 

About me.
I want to be REAL.
Real emotions, real commitment, real exchanges…real everything. A communion of realness with humanity and the world I inhabit.

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