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A sweet blend of soulful melodies, catchy hooks, pounding beats and a strong emphasis on heart felt lyrics that do more than demand attention. The music group Serel is well quipped with the right tools: a commanding presence, and a stylistic delivery.



Shai Poent-Lyricist
Vanessa Stone-Songstress

Serel is a soul/pop hip-hop group Based out of Seattle, WA

Competitions/Major events

Seattle Fashion Week
Talent Search USA 2009 Finalist
Big talent Showcase 2009
Music and Fashion Expo 2009 Showcase
2009 West coast tour (Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada,)

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IA/Iowa City/COL
IN/Terre Haute/COL
CA/Los Angeles/COL
CA/Santa Clara/COL/MG

Internet Radio Crescent city radio
A3 Urban Music
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"Perhaps one of the hottest duos to hit the music industry in a long time."

Junior Cave Online Magazine

"Musically and artistically Serel is a complete package."

- If you seek music Blog

"Serel is the best of its kind, the one and only group with the combination of beauty and swagger. I love it and that's an understatement."

-Louie of Fish Market Blog

Wilshire Plaza
Beach Hut Deli
Diablo's Downtown Lounge-
Club Heaven
Un-Urban Cafe
Trabant Coffee and Chai
The Ruby Room
West St. Market
Fitzgerald Hotel & Casino
Le Voyeur Cafe and lounge
Harris Hotel & Casino
U. Washington Tacoma
Bob's Famous Java Hut
Joe's Bar and Grill
U. Washington (retro)
The Boiler Room

Los Angeles,CA
Stockton,CA Eugene, Or
Seattle, WA
Santa Monica, CA
Phoenix, AZ
San Diego, CA
Reno, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Olympia, WA
Tacoma, WA.
Eureka, CA

A Seattle(soul,pop) hip-hop duo, backed by a talented, high-energy band for all performances.

Born in San Diego, Shai PoeNt, whose autodidactic trait had led him to produce the sound of the group, continuously spawn a fresh set of perspectives that remains the vehicle for his lyrics.
Vanessa Stone moved to Seattle from her hometown of Manila, PI, when she was nine. She has brought with her a sense of decorum that evades the reticence of subjects and matters, which is evident in her stylistic sound and writing.

Vanessa, the talented vocalist, and Shai Poent, The captivating lyricist, were school peers who eventually discovered each other�s hidden talents. As Vanessa lends her stylish approach to each record, leaving the room ringing with a bright sound of enthusiasm, Shai Poent reveals the essence of true emotions that provides a glimpse of the true nature of an emcee.

The twosome continues to deliver their music with boundless imagination, steadily build their reputation, and take bigger steps to make substantial strides on the creativity side.



Written By: Serel

Don’t you know (repeat 4x)

So much trouble in a name
There’s trouble in my veins
If you mention my name
Ooh that’s danger, danger, danger
Ooh that’s danger, danger, danger

( Vanessa Stone) verse 1
now look at the road that I paved
and the heart and sweat that I gave
I know, I know it takes heart to get to the top
It goes time and money
money and time
you're hardly on grind
and i'm waiting for mine
and it's hard to wait
when you know you deserve
everything now, past, future in reverse
with every hour and every minute
i'm sweating blood
cause i'm grinding hard
long wait, short wait
i'm gonna be here
even if i'm late
cause somebody told me
those who wait
stands real tall
everybody calls the great

Shai Poent (verse 2)

Yo I must be out my mine
Thinking I could be anything
I must be out my mind
Thinking I am be fine
Chasing these dreams
Yo I must be out my mind

Born to do wrong
So I do it and I do it well
In and out of harms way
In and out of trouble
In and out of daze
I can hardly stay focus
Speeding on the highway
Racing through the freeway
Trying to find a
Quicker way (repeat 3x)
Error in my vision
That an error in decision
Only one thing missing
That’s the fear in my eyes
All the mistakes I’ve made

Got me acting real careless
No surprise that the problems multiply
So I run it to the death of me
Till there's nothing left of me
One-track mind
Got to get what's mine
Running a race with no finish line


Verse 3

At the rate that I’m going momentum in control
So why say a thing when there's nothing left to say
Things I got to prove so something I got to lose
Don’t try to tell me different

Don’t try to tell me different
Cause I see it quite clear
Same star different days
They looking to familiar

Different places
Same faces
Disappointment contagious
Attitude outrageous
Can’t get much wronger
Can’t get much deeper
Submerge in the night

Every night is a tendency
To get lost in the lights
In the lights

The aroma of the choices
That can lead me to my poison
Choking on a poison I take by choice
Can you feel it danger in the atmosphere
I have arrived I’m here


Last Hunter

Written By: SEREL

She calling
She’s calling
She’s calling

Baby come back I’m coming for you

Verse 1

Who knew?
Every day routine
Would lead me to you
Just an ordinary day
In the ordinary world
Just an ordinary girl but she anything but
Sipping out of a haft empty cup
Let me fill the rest
To ease the thoughts
To lighten up the burden
Cause I know your hurting
But she never let show
It wasn’t the words
But the way she spoke
Full of promises
But all sound like jokes
So stop her
So much subtext in a touch
So I pull her in close
Reveal her innermost
A lack of direction
You come with me
Or I can go with you
Or we can both stay here
But I think you like it
If we both disappear
Started with a glance
Turn to a stare
Started off casual
Then became mutual
The distance interjected
Now it so, so intimate

Who knew?
Every day routine
Would lead me to you
Just an ordinary day
In the ordinary world
Just an ordinary girl but she anything but

Who knew?
Every day routine
Would lead me to you

Karma at my finger tips
Can you feel it
Baby come back
I’m coming for you

if you go in circles you'll come back to the beginning

and if you take your chance, it will take one for you

there ain't no room for second guessing

what ever you do karma's never resting

it sleeps with one eye open up

your like its star on a close up

so if you see those shooting stars

get on your fast car NASCAR

Cause she's the last of the real hunters

and she will hunt you down

Verse 3

Lost all grasp on reality
Baby I did it for a salary
I’m coming for you
No cause for the action
Baby I’m lacking
I’m coming for you
And she will hunt you down
I’m coming for you
Baby I did it for a salary
I’m coming for you
And she will hunt you down
No cause for the action
Baby I’m lacking


The Prelude,
The Basement Chronicles EP

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Juniors Cave Online Magazine
If You Seek Music Blog

Set List

With knack for live improvisation, a quality night of entertainment is guaranteed.

Set can last 30-45 minutes

"Won't Change"
"You like it"
"We got it all here"
"Destructive love"