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"Musically and artistically Serel is a complete package."

You know, I was listening to the top 40 the other day and I remember thinking wow, this is the longest song ever. As it turns out the song had changed but it just sounded like the last three songs that had played. So I started to wonder if hip-hop had lost its soul. I wondered if too many hip-hop artists were being influenced by pop music rather than by the jazz and fusion roots that it was founded on.

Then I heard this hip-hop duo from out of Seattle and all my questions subsided. Musically and artistically Serel is a complete package. By combining fresh beats influenced by jazz, soul and funk with the beautiful and easy vocal styling of Vanessa Stone and the smooth poetic rap of Shai Poent, this stylish and intelligent pair has created a sound that is at once original and addictive.

Here's how you can be a part of the vibe they are creating. You can add them to your friends on MySpace here. You can check out their home page here. You can also experience the energy live by checking them out on YouTube here. -

"Perhaps one of the hottest duos to hit the music industry in a long time"

Perhaps one of the hottest duos to hit the music industry in a long time Serel is going to win your hearts over. Members Shai and Vanessa have created a unique sound that will blow music lovers away. Serel recently agreed to complete a music interview with Junior's Cave Online Magazine. Here is what developed. Enjoy!

Isaac: Hi Shai and Vanessa. Welcome to your interview with Junior's Cave. As 2008 draws to an end, what are your reflections of the year 2008 for Serel?

Vanessa: 2008 brought many obstacles for us. With that, many lessons were learned and knowledge gained. However, it was a very productive year; we were in the studio for three months and cooked up "The Basement Chronicles" and met great people along the way.

Shai Poent: We grew as a group and accomplished what we wanted to for 2008.

Isaac: How did the two of you come together as a group? What drawn you to each other?

Shai: We met in high school back in 2004. We found out each other's talent and hooked up. But it wasn't until three years later, after we both had the opportunity to work for a record label that we found out that we had chemistry. We had a fresh sound and worked well together.

Isaac: Elaborate a little about whom were your biggest influences in the music industry and why?

Vanessa: The Beatles definitely sparked an early interest in music for me. In fact, I listened to them religiously. Their music is a divine revelation. I also found Miles Davis to be an influence. He is extraordinary. He had this phenomenal freedom of articulation and pitch. His music just wants you to become a better musician.

Shai: Since I have many influences, I'll keep it short. The Motown era has a huge influence on me. The music had this organic feel to it. I definitely strive to have the longevity that Motown era music has.

Isaac: Let's talk about what you feel Serel will bring to the music industry?

Vanessa: Craftsmanship. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, being different is in the senses of the beholder. As an artist, you just have to go out there and be yourself. Since our music is heavily based on our own views and inspirations, our approach is always going to be different. I feel that our music brings a fresh, new, and an unadulterated sound. We don't stop at just creating songs; we're really on a journey of mastering our own craft.

Shai: Diversity from two individual, as in two different refined perspectives and artist integrity; being honest with our music.

Isaac: If you had an opportunity to work with one artist or group, who would it be and why?

Vanessa: With so many great artists out there, it's difficult to just pick one. But we would love to work with Zero 7. It'd be interesting to see what we could create with two different genres of music.

Isaac: How would you describe your music to others?

Shai: Poetry meets melody. Our sound is versatile. So discover and download.

Isaac: What can fans expect from your CDs "The Prelude" and "The Basement Chronicles"?

Shay: The Prelude and the Basement Chronicles are two different sounds. The Prelude, which I would call a demo rather than an actual CD, was our first attempt in really discovering our sound as a group. It allowed us to figure out how we worked together as a group in creating our music. In addition, "The Prelude" paved the way for the "Basement Chronicles."

Vanessa: As for "The Basement Chronicles," we took a very different approach in writing the songs for the album. For me, I wasn't inspired by my own personal experiences so I had to look outside of my world. I was more inspired of my friends' stories and people in general, basically just observing and questioning life. For this reason, I started writing the songs based on a story-telling format, thus, the chronicles. Most characters in the songs take metaphoric forms and that's what makes this album so much fun. Besides the dope-ass beats, the lyrics are open to others' interpretations and views.

Isaac: Where can fans locate you at online?

Shai: We have an official site:, where you can download several of our music for free, including our latest single, "Last Hunter." We also have a myspace:; feel free to drop by and talk to us.

Isaac: What can fans expect from Serel in 2009?

Shai: More dope music and unforgettable live shows. You never know with us, we like to surprise our fans.

Isaac: Time for some shout outs to your family, friends, and fans..

Isaac: Final words from Serel?

Vanessa: First, we would like to thank you, Isaac and Junior's Cave, for this wonderful interview and giving us the opportunity to become part of Junior's Cave's archives of wonderful artists. Also, a big thanks to our fam-bam and friends.

Shai: Last but not least, to our fans who always show love and to Junior's Cave devout readers, thank you! - Junior's Cave Online Magazine


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The Basement Chronicles EP

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Shai Poent-Lyricist
Vanessa Stone-Songstress

Serel is a soul/pop hip-hop group Based out of Seattle, WA

Competitions/Major events

Seattle Fashion Week
Talent Search USA 2009 Finalist
Big talent Showcase 2009
Music and Fashion Expo 2009 Showcase
2009 West coast tour (Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada,)

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"Perhaps one of the hottest duos to hit the music industry in a long time."

Junior Cave Online Magazine

"Musically and artistically Serel is a complete package."

- If you seek music Blog

"Serel is the best of its kind, the one and only group with the combination of beauty and swagger. I love it and that's an understatement."

-Louie of Fish Market Blog

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Beach Hut Deli
Diablo's Downtown Lounge-
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A Seattle(soul,pop) hip-hop duo, backed by a talented, high-energy band for all performances.

Born in San Diego, Shai PoeNt, whose autodidactic trait had led him to produce the sound of the group, continuously spawn a fresh set of perspectives that remains the vehicle for his lyrics.
Vanessa Stone moved to Seattle from her hometown of Manila, PI, when she was nine. She has brought with her a sense of decorum that evades the reticence of subjects and matters, which is evident in her stylistic sound and writing.

Vanessa, the talented vocalist, and Shai Poent, The captivating lyricist, were school peers who eventually discovered each other�s hidden talents. As Vanessa lends her stylish approach to each record, leaving the room ringing with a bright sound of enthusiasm, Shai Poent reveals the essence of true emotions that provides a glimpse of the true nature of an emcee.

The twosome continues to deliver their music with boundless imagination, steadily build their reputation, and take bigger steps to make substantial strides on the creativity side.