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Serenity Now!


Catchy hard rock riffs with powerpop vocal hooks and harmonies. Perfect for fans of QOTSA, Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Cheap Trick.


Serenity Now! is a three-piece rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Led by singer/guitarist Erik Fong, the band is built on an unlikely combination of influences that forms what has quickly become its signature sound of love-and-hate, sweet-and-angry aural juxtapositions. Think: the simple, hooky songwriting of Nirvana; the memorable riffage of Megadeth; the harmonies of Phil Spector and the Beach Boys; the raw and organic feel of Aerosmith and Guns; the catchy sweetness of the Raspberries and Cheap Trick; the rock n' roll philosophy and unpredictability of the Queens of the Stone Age; the lonely, introspective lyrics of Joe Jackson and Ric Ocasek.

The band debuted in 2005 with its three-song EP, Art Irritates Life, which offered a glimpse into Fong's early '90s alternative influences and a massive sound that one iTunes reviewer labeled as reminiscent of the "...wall of sound on low." Building upon the strengths of song and sound, Fong recruited hard-hitting drummer and fellow East Bay native John Riggs, along with well-known local bassist Leon Marcelis. The duo complemented the upbeat energy of Fong's driving guitar and powerpop-influenced vocals for Serenity Now's 2007 full-length album, Destruction of the System from Within. The summery, catchy, hook-laden, two-and-a-half-minute "Miss Congeniality" caught enough ears to earn a spot on such places as Bebo's August Monthly Mix (alongside G Love, Bitter:Sweet, Donavon Frankenreiter, Joan as Police Woman and more) as well as Insomnia Radio's San Francisco podcast (alongside Asobi Seksu, Band of Horses, Oranger, Unjust and more). Destruction was also added to iTunes' 2008 "Next Big Thing" promotion, which highlighted up and coming artists. Live performances during the Destruction era included an exclusive private show at the iTunes headquarters in Cupertino, CA.

Serenity Now!'s latest effort, The Ultimate Trip, was recorded in October 2008 at Prairie Sun Studios (Primus, Faith No More, High on Fire) in Cotati, CA. Minding key creative phrases like "'70s powerpop on steroids" and "What would Zeppelin do?," the band filled the seven-song release with a wide variety of hooks and grooves, mixing things up nicely in a clear refusal to ever be labeled a one-trick pony. From the melancholy, alt-country-inspired solitude of "Folks Like Me" to the acoustic Spanish-folk feel of the title track to the war-driving march of "Reap the Whirlwind" to the '50s-style pop thump of "The Long Way to Suicide," the band's musical menu continues to grow. Completing the East Bay connection, bassist Marcelis was replaced with Fong's childhood neighbor and fellow metalhead, Eric Mullin. Mullin's smooth, tasteful, melodic bass lines have provided the perfect bridge between Fong's and Riggs' balance of groove and precision.

Serenity Now! plans to spend the majority of 2009 on the stage, giving its fans as hard, loud and energetic of a live rock n' roll show as it can. And of course, not to be pigeonholed, Erik will also pursue solo acoustic shows.

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Tracks that have gotten airplay include "The Long Way to Suicide," "She Ain't Mine," "Miss Congeniality," "The Hero Factor," "Million Dollar Dream," "Folks Like Me" and "Beer."

The Ultimate Trip (2009) // Destruction of the System from Within (2007) // Gather the Masses (2006) // Art Irritates Life (2005)

Set List

Sample headlining set (approx. 60 minutes): The Hero Factor / Kaleidoscope Eyes / Million Dollar Dream / Reap the Whirlwind / Stairmaster / She Ain't Mine / Tick / The Seventh Time / And You / s.x.i. / The Long Way to Suicide / Miss Congeniality