Miami, Florida, USA
BandHip HopGospel

From C.T.F. Records comes Christian Hip-Hop rapper Serge, featuring his rapid fire delivery over click and beep southern hip hop beats. Songs include "Took Me Out My Sin", "Make it plain", "My First Love", and more. This Christoentric project is one of many to come for the glory of Jesus Christ.


Born and Raised in the city of Miami, Serge grew up in a fatherless home. His mom and older sister took the full responsibility to raise him in a functional and loving home. Throughout his life, Serge was led to believe that the gates of heaven would open if he would just be a good person. He maintained his grades and kept his respect towards his family and community.
It was not until his junior year in high school when an old friend shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to church. After continuous invitations, Serge decided to give the church a chance and attended his friend's bible study. A month after in November of 2006, Serge joined a retreat. It was during those three days that God's power radically transformed him into a new person. In that moment, his life was flipped upside down as the Holy Spirit convicted him of his sin and need for a Savior. Almost instantly, his renewed heart passionately sought after God and began to share his testimony as he shared the Gospel.
The next few years included many struggles and victories before he teamed up with his Christian friends (Authentik) to found C.T.F. Records, releasing his first Mixtape at the age of 20.
His heart is centered on the great commission for the glory of Christ. His music is just a vehicle to bring about this great message. His future plan is to attend seminary to further his education and knowledge of The Savior. He is also in the process of volunteering at His House Orphanage Home to teach the children about becoming a Godly and Holy Generation. Join Serge and Authentik in much needed prayer as they continue to fight the good fight and complete the race.


MIXTAPE: Out Da Grave

1. Intro
2. Took me out my sin
3. I Rep da Christ
4. Make it plain
5. Everything
6. Get like Christ
7. My first Love
8. Oowe