Sergei Roudzinski

Sergei Roudzinski


Sergei Roudzinski, accomplished and versatile gutarist and composer from St.Petersburg, Russia, finalist of Guitar Player’s Guitar Hero 2006. From classical and jazz to fusion, jazz-rock and rock, his approach to guitar instrumental music is akin to impressionist painting - colors within colors.


Sergei was born in January 1964 in Leningrad (now St.Petersburg, Russia). He picked up guitar at the age of four and subsequently made several more attempts to learn the instrument, but he really got interested in guitar playing when he was 16. He started practicing for up to 20 hours a day and within 6 months found himself in his first rock band.

His progress in guitar technique was amazingly fast (due to his talent, his pitch being close to perfect and daily 8 to 16-hour practicing). I met him in 1984 and still remember how he was playing Queen’s “Brighton Rock” on a cheap East German guitar through a home-made distortion box and it sounded just like the record – not only all the notes were there, but the feel, the touch. Many years and bands later Sergei actually opened a show for Brian May’s band in St.Petersburg, Russia in 1999.

Sergei spent lot of time working on his timing and sound-making technique. There were no method books or teachers to learn it from – just a handful of enthusiasts who “discovered” certain things and shared their knowledge with friends. He learned from them, added to it quite a few of his own experience. I was fortunate to learn from him, which changed my own sound and attitude forever.

In 1992-1993 Sergei played with one of Russia’s national acts – Vladimir Rekshan’s “St. Petersburg” and recorded a CD with them. Later he started his successful band Amok where he also doubled as a lead vocalist. They were opening for such national acts as Time Machine (arguably the first Soviet “real” rock group, which stayed underground for 15 years before openly emerging in 1980). Amok won first place on “Nevskoe Rondo 1993” music festival. In 1994 his band had their first radio interview. In spring of 1995 Sergei became one of the five finalists of St.Petersburg guitar competition. His “Spanish Theme” was getting radio play on several local stations in 1995. Two more interviews followed. They toured various Russian cities, played in Germany sometime around 1998. In 1999 they opened for Brian May’s band (they have an amateur video of that show).

Also in 1995 they recorded a CD on 4-track (amazing quality for a home record made without a console) with songs they were playing live at the time. Since 1998 Sergei has been playing in clubs almost every night and doing session work for various singers, musicians and composers. Unfortunately, he does not get to play the music he likes, including his own original instrumentals, only cover tunes with little or no soloing.

Sergei has been chosen as one of the ten finalists for the Guitar Player Magazine Guitar Hero 2006 competition, that took place in the Great American Music Hall, San-Francisco, CA, on September 23, 2006.

Sergei tried musical colleges at least twice (that I know of) but got bored very fast. He knows theory, reads and transcribes. His influences (among many) include Ritchie Blackmore, Steve Vai, John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt and Paco de Lucia. He has been writing music for more than 20 years and claims to currently have over 10 hours worth of useable guitar instrumental material (ranging from well-shaped ideas to fully arranged pieces).
He finally managed to record some of it at home (almost losing it all due to crashed hard disk which was later partially restored). Unfortunately he can not afford to record professionally, and in Russia there are virtually no good sound engineers anyway. He never could find a drummer with sense of time good enough to match his own, so he had to resort to drum machines. On his recent recordings he also plays bass and a inexpensive guitar MIDI-synthesizer.


*** "Shock Therapy", recorded with the band Amok in 1995, collection of 7 songs (Sergei on guitars and vocals) and 2 bonus instrumental tracks. Instrumental track "Spain" was played on Russian radio in late 90's. Album available upon request.
*** "Transformations" - has just been released in 2006. Sergei's first fully instrumental record, 13 compositions including "Spain". Available on, search under "Roudzinski" (if item is not found, it has just been sold, please check again next day as multiple items can not currently be offered under this ebay account).

Set List

Sergei's compositions vary in length from 3 to 10 minutes. Current CD features 13 compositions, total length of 67 minutes but he has many hours worth of composed instrumental music still waiting to be recorded. With breaks and extended versions just this material alone will be enough for two 45-munute club sets. These are the track titles from "Transformations":

1 A trip to the country
2 Autumn Sunrise
3 Bossa Nova
4 Bar conversation
5 Crazy song
6 Nightingale
7 Menuet
8 Transformations
9 Soldier
10 Spain
11 1994
12 The game
13 Ritchie