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Cassianos’ understanding of the diversity of sound, instrumentation and harmonic patterns of Brazilian music enables him to continuously explore the complex interconnections that link music to lives journeys

"Sergio Cassiano"

The rediscovery and conversion of Northeastern music to a commanding pop posture is one of the most refreshing waves to wash up on the Brazilian music scene since Recife's Armorial movement in the 1970's
-Brazzil magazine
- Brazzil magazine



As you get ready to listen to music composed by Sergio prepare yourself for a journey of sorts. Sergio Cassianos’ latest CD Ciencia da Festa takes and introduces the listener to Brazil’s rich musical culture by combining different modern and traditional instruments with rich and uplifting melodies. Like the life traveler who awaits his next journey, each tract takes you to a different place in time and soul exploration. Ciencia da Festa tracks averages 3 to 5 mins long with each tract introducing the listener to a different sound, beat, and mood. You’ll either find yourself attending to the lyrics or dearing yourself to sing and dance to each colorful beat. An accomplished vocalist, composer, writer and teacher with over 20 years of experience in popular and cultural music, Sergio expressed his many talents by playing many of the instructions heard on the CD, from the elegant folkloric sounds of the string/percussion instrument known as the berimbau to a wonderful masala of drums, and cavaquinho with cellos. Throughout the years, he has performed and recorded with many acclaimed Brazilian artists. Sergio’s strength lies in the balance between applicable lyrics and organic spontaneous melodies, which manifests in many forms. His music is powerful, uplifting, soulful, upbeat and spiritual. With just the right touch, he has managed to fuse life’s poetry into his art. Part-taking in many cultural projects to preserve the colorful and diverse musical styles of the Pernambuco region, Cassianos’ understanding of the diversity of sound, instrumentation and harmonic patterns of Brazilian music enables him to continuously explore the complex interconnections that link music to lives journeys. The recordings with his previous group, Mestre Ambrosio has allowed him to penetrate the international scene and introduced his musical styles to audiences in North America and Europe Sergio Cassiano “Ciencia da Festa” has achieved something entirely new and distinctive here. The collision of rich traditional rhythms and global percussions with soulful beats and meaningful lyrics is not only dramatic, it's amazingly transformational. Get ready for your journey in the world of enchanting and interesting sounds, you'll find it an awesome trip.



For well over two decades, Sergio Cassiano has been a singular voice in an astounding range of musical contexts, exploring widely divergent musical traditions while continually striving to make a difference in the lives of others by “moving his listeners to a higher level through his inspiring lyrics." As composer, percussionist, writer, producer, and bandleader he redefines every genre of music he plays and have managed to move his audiences and fans to the traditional North Eastern music of the Pernambuco region known for its soulful harmonic and melodic blends of afro, native and Iberian sounds. Along with his passionate vocals, eclectic style, inspiring lyrics and heartfelt performances, Sergio’s music has the ability to reach out beyond borders and bridge the gaps we sometimes feel between musical preferences and worldly connections. He has successfully managed to blend the rich traditional rhythms and global percussions with a fresh soulful beat which is rhythmically reviving.
An accomplished panderio teacher and acclaimed song writer, Sergio continues to share and document his own lives’ transformation through the lyrics he writes while working to preserve the beautiful Brazilian folkloric traditions with his music.

BEGAININGS: Born and raised in the state of Pernambuco, Sergio was exposed to a wide variety of music in his youth. His musical influences ranged from local artist such as Luiz Gonzaga to the Beatles. He formalized his music education by first studying percussion techniques, drums, and choral at the Conservatorio Pernambucano de Musica; he then studied classical and contemporary instruments at The Federal University of Pernambuco, whereby he majored in Musical Education. Always creative and open to expand his art form, Sergio has taught himself several other percussion instruments and the acoustic guitar and has worked and performed with several acclaimed musicians and theater groups.

COLLABORATIONS: His artistic collaborations include performances and recordings with the nationally acclaimed Mestre Ambrosio his previous group, Sergio Mendes, Nana Vasconcelos, producer Suba and many others. He has also performed with several theater groups as musician and actor including “Avia Brasil” and “Cor-de-Chuva” (Color of Rain). He played on the soundtracks for the plays Quixotinadas, Um Deus Dormiu La em Casa (A God Slept there at Home), and created the sound effects for the piece “O Pastoril do Veio Cangote”.

PROJECTS: An integral member of the Olinda and Recife cultural community for several years, Sergio has taken part in an extraordinarily wide range of projects. He presently shares his time between his music performances and as Percussionist Coordinator for a project call “Escola Alberta” (Open School). The “Open School” project is a comprehensive program which seeks to expose troubled youths to the arts, sports and other workshops thus decreasing the sense of hopelessness and despair in their lives. His other project is “Sergio Dois” whereby Sergio performs and shares his music in a more intimate way by engaging the audience in discussions about his lyrics and the traditional musical instruments he plays and has mastered.

Sergio has released a diverse array of recordings with Mestre Ambrosio since 1994 and has completed his ground-breaking solo debut album “Ciencia Da Festa”. On his solo debut album, Sergio played many of the instruments and introduced the listeners to Brazils’ rich musical culture by combining different modern and traditional instruments with rich and uplifting melodies which resulted in a uniquely passionate, jazzy and soulful sound.

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Sergio Cassianos’ music and performances has received favorable international press coverage in the New York Times, El Mundo, Jornal Do Commercio, Liberation and many others

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