Sergio Froes

Sergio Froes

 West Boylston, Massachusetts, USA

I've been playing my guitar since when I was 5. The CD "Saudades do Sol" came as a natural thing, the right thing to do after all of these years of expectation and wondering.


Sergio Froes was born in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and moved to the United States about 10 years ago. Music has been part of his life since when he was 5 and that was a long time ago! The new CD "Saudades do Sol" (translation: "Missing the sun") has 12 songs being 9 written by Sergio and the other 3 given by friends to give the CD different perspectives. Sergio Froes sings in Portuguese and English. If you are looking for a show that is original, Sergio is your guy!


Violetas de Outono

Written By: Sergio Oliveira

Se voce vem
Fica tao bom
O teu abraco e que me da calor
Quando voltar vai ser tao lindo
Essa distancia nao nos separou
Eu juro que e voce que eu quero
um sonho de amor sincero
a chuva traz voce pra mim
e tem o gosto do seu beijo
O teu momento e o meu desejo
eu quero te abracar assim
nos somos namorados
estamos separados
voce e tudo pra mim
teus labios nos meus labios
teu corpo assim colado
o amor nao se acaba assim
minha violeta de outono
minha estrela de lua de prata
meu amor...


Saudades do Sol "2008"