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San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco, California, United States
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Independent Focus – Sergi Q"

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
– My heritage is Ghanaian. both my parents are from Ghana West Africa. I was born in Long Beach, CA. My real name is Nana O. Owusu. I am from Long beach CA and grew up in the O.C. I currently reside in San Francisco, CA. I am a singer songwriter/performer. I started singing when I was 7 years old singing along with Disney Movie Songs. I had no vocal formal training. I am an unsigned artist. It was not, until just recently I got a vocal coach (every good singer/performer has a vocal coach). I taught myself how to sing. I went to a private elementary school where I was chosen for most, if not all the solo parts in plays and theatrical productions. I sang the graduation farewell song in 6th grade, “It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye” by Boyz II Men. I sang in church and school choirs throughout most of my childhood to adult years. When I was 16 I started writing lyrics/songs. When I was 18 I wrote the 2nd song I recorded “What Love Feels Like” which will be on my future Album “Sexy N’ Love”. I moved to Atlanta in the summer of 2001 after high school and came across a producer named Quino. We recorded my song “Hypnotized.” I moved to San Francisco Fall of 05 and recorded my second song “What Love Feels Like” with Steve Milne and David Richey at Ground for Divorce Studios in Palo Alto, CA. I did a dance mix of “What Love Feels like” with Klubjumpers, who recently did a dance/remix for Jason Derulo’s song “Whatcha Say.” I saw a Craigslist ad for a producer in the Bay Area. I responded to the ad and was introduced 1/2 Breed (Rapper/producer) From Slaps R’ US Productions/Black Mansion Ent. With him I recorded “In & Out,” “Hot LiL Thang,” “I’m Still In Love With U,” and “Eh Baby.” I got to where I am today because of hard work and dedication to my craft of music. You have to be hungry and focused if you want to make it in the Music Industry/Biz. I am talking to people interested in taking my music to the next level right now as we speak.

What is the meaning behind your name Sergi Q?
– The meaning of my name Sergi Q (pronounced Sur-gee Q), derives from GQ or G.cue (gi Q part in my name). It was a nickname dubbed by my friends and family, because I love the magazine and I am always stay fresh, fly, & dust your shoulders off-fashionable. The Sir part was added on by my friend David Richey. Sir. (Ser) is a title of respect. Think back to when Elton John was knighted by the Queen of England. Thus was the birth of Sergi Q.

What artists influenced your pop and singing?
– Usher, Justin Timberlake, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Brian Mcknight, Seal, George Michael.

What is one of the most drastic changes you’ve made about yourself in the last year?
– I would say the most drastic change I have made about myself is my body. I have always had a nice lean build, but I am more muscular now. I eat right and workout regularly.

What would you spend you a million dollars on?
– I would spend a million dollars on putting away 1/2 of it in the bank to let it accrue in interest. The other half I would spend on buying an Audi R8 (which is about $150,000 to give you a general idea), $50,000 investment in my sisters future college education, $100,000 towards my my mom and step-dad’s mortgage, $100,000 down payment on a house for myself, and the other $100,000 would be split 3 ways: $25,000 to would go to colon cancer research, because my grandfather died of colon cancer. $25,000 on paying off bills and miscellaneous, and $50,000 to my friends and family.

What was your biggest risk taken in your career?
– The biggest risk I have taken in my career is moving to San Francisco instead of somewhere like LA, which is known for it’s music scene. I will most likely move to LA eventually/soon though. But I would have never recorded or written such great songs that I have done if I hadn’t moved to San Fran. The stars have always seemed to align for me despite the obstacles and the tough road ahead to get there.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?
– Don’t ever let anyone tell you can’t make it or make your dream come true. If you believe in yourself, that is all that matters. A lot of artists grow weary in the fight, but you shouldn’t let that be you. Copyright your music!

What’s one incident that would serve as a turning point to your life?
– When one of my good friends committed suicide. It made me realize how fragile life is and to take everyday you have on earth as a blessing.

What are the best ways to sell your products as an artist?
– Cd Baby, iTunes, getting distribution/signed to a label, and getting out there and selling cd’s in the back of your car. But you didn’t hear the last part from me. LOL!

What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music?
– Performing live to get people to hear your music. If You sit on your ass and just have your music on Myspace (no offense, because I have music on there) and think you will just get discovered by that way it’s a crab shoot. I am not saying it can’t be done, but you have to get out and perform your ass off. There are so many talented people in this world. You have to be distinguished in a world of 6 billion people. Also anyone you meet, let them know that you are a singer. I have made a lot great connections and contacts that way.

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"I'm Still In Love With U" Sergi Q
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Movado, the Swiss watch company, recently chose Sergi Q as the winner of their “Bold” campaign. His song “Hot LiL Thang” is now used as the official song, being featured in TV commercial spots and online. Just recently filmed a music video for "Hot LiL Thang." Check it out @:

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