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Serial Thrillers

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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Doug’s Top 5 for AUGUST 2010



The Serial Thrillers graced our cover in July 2009 on the strength of their amazing self-titles debut album. Fast forward to the summer of 2010 and they’re back, yet again, with another powerhouse recording simply titled F5.

Serial Thrillers’ musical architect/guitarist/songwriter and inspiration, Paul Ortolano once again teams with longtime bandmate Stephen Clements on drums and producer, Anthony Resta to hurl a blazing 5-song collection of originals that meld influences as wide ranging as The Beatles, King’s X, Living Colour, and The Lynch Mob. Listeners will be hard pressed to believe that two guys are guilty of such intricate sounds and blazing musical virtuosity, but after listening to the bounding multi-layered vocal harmonies, blazing guitar riffs and spot-on timekeeping, they will have no other choice than to become dedicated followers of the Serial Thrillers. Bravo! [D. S.]
- Metronome Magazine

" June 2010"

Serial Thrillers - F5 (Independently released CD EP, Pop)
We rarely review EPs...and only when something really stands out. Serial Thrillers is the duo comprised of Paul Ortolano and Stephen Clements. This EP features five tracks, all of which sound like instant hits. The tunes remind us of the first couple of Squeeze albums. Plenty of ultimately danceable rhythms and seriously addictive melodies here. Our favorite tracks include "Ordinary Days," "The Floppy Swing," and "Yeah Okay." Great pop stuff...very stylized... -

"Wildy's World"

Serial Thrillers - F5
2010, Serial Thrillers

Boston is home to Serial Thrillers, a duo comprised of singer/songwriter Paul Ortolano and drummer Stephen Clements. The two have played together for years, sharing stages with acts such as Kings X, Godsmack, The Tubes, Warrant and Extreme. They also spent some time on tour with Dale Bozzio and Missing Persons. With both regional and national exposure, the Serial Thrillers have reached that point where the right song or album could catapult them fully into the national scene. Serial Thrillers may have found what they’re looking for in their latest EP, F5.

F5 opens with the catchy rock n roll of "Ordinary Days", complete with big chorus and a danceable rock beat. The pop sensibility and melodic sense of Serial Thrillers is top notch on this tune, and while "Ordinary Days" doesn't clearly fit the sort of fare commercial radio typically embraces, it's hard to imagine this song not getting some serious attention on that level. "The Floppy Swing" starts a bit slow, but by the time you get to the chorus you hear the same pop/rock sense that drove "Ordinary Days". Serial Thrillers get into a somewhat more jangly guitar sound on "You Can Say Anything" in an upbeat rocker that's infectiously catchy. Once again, Serial Thrillers are perhaps a bit off the beaten pop/rock path, but it's hard to imagine this song not getting serious attention from commercial radio. In fact, the band might be just different enough to catch on in a big way. "It Comes To You" is the obligatory power ballad, although it's actually quite a bit better than the usual fare. F5 winds down with "Yeah Okay"; an angular pop/rock tune that's light and easy fare but highly danceable and a lot of fun to listen to.

Serial Thrillers have a sound that's just waiting for the right audience. The band plays decidedly edgy rock music with real pop charm and a strong melodic sense. This whole music business is highly fickle, and it's impossible to predict success, but if the lords of musical judgment haven't lost their minds, Serial Thrillers are going to be huge one day. If rock n roll has a future in the post-genre world, then it rests firmly (and safely) in the hands of bands like Serial Thrillers.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5) -

"Stereo Subversion"

"The eponymous release from Serial Thrillers is one of those cool albums that steers clear of being pretentious, avoids cheesy clichés and is a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. It's pop enough without being Nine Days or Vertical Horizon, and it rocks enough without having to reach for the stars with Metallica-like time changes or the sort of angry, kooky vocals found on a KoRn record. In fact, the album shares more than a few similarities with Audiovent's Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris, and it's that sound that makes this record a winner.

A sizable chunk of the album is devoted to the study of various aspects of relationships. "Unattractive" rails against the person who won't give singer Paul Ortolano the time of day because he doesn't look like a Greek god, while "Miss Black & White" makes it clear that Ortolano is tired of playing games with a woman who always plays whichever side of the fence that will get him in trouble. No matter what he is saying, Ortolano rarely seems accusatory on any of these songs, managing to sound impartial as he makes the various statements that come to mind.

Serial Thrillers do their share of rocking and rolling on this album (the chunky licks on album closer "Rex" are especially tasty), but part of what this duo does best is inject variety into their songs. Produced by Anthony J. Resta—the man behind works from artists ranging from Duran Duran to Collective Soul—Serial Thrillers isn't the same thing over and over, which is a tempting tactic to use when you're trying to get people to notice you. Instead of giving in to this pressure, the album goes from power-pop ("Unattractive") to rock ("The Cycle"), from ballads ("Forgive") to groove rock ("Defied"). This wise choice is emblematic of this entire album experience.

Serial Thrillers has its share of layers and memorable songs. Lyrical snippets like the following from "Defied" are found throughout the record: "Is it a sin to be what you are or deny it? Never try it?/ Put a line between us/ I knew that we couldn't last this way."

Ortolano and drummer Stephen Clements have made a catchy album that takes the best parts of a few musical genres and combines them into one great time. Their clever name is a more than apt one as there are plenty of thrills to be had on this record."

-Brian Palmer

- Brian Palmer

"Metronome June 2009"

Doug’s Top 5 for
June 2009
(In NO Particular Order)

• Howard Ray
• Serial Thrillers
• Los Sugar Kings
• Lisa Marie & Silvertone Steve
• Terry Kitchen
Featuring the two former principles of the band Psycho Serious- singer/songwriter/guitarist Paul Ortolano and drummer Stephen Clements- the duo has shed the P.S. moniker and the group's trademark, hard-rock attack to deliver a memorable, hook-filled collection of melodic songs that sparkle with musical magic. On the new album, Ortolano proves his meddle at serving up prose with clever lyrical twists and turns that appeal more to the thinking man's arena than pop loving airheads. The music is also intricately thought out incorporating the flawless timekeeping of drummer Clements. Punch in the creative flair and artistic vision of producer Anthony J. Resta and you've got an album that conjurs the best of influences: The Beatles, XTC and King's X. Songs worthy of national airplay and tour include "Defied," the quirky "Pizza Martini," "The Cycle," the Colorado inspired "Bolder," and the Rush infused "Rex." Outstanding!

Brian Owens
Publisher/Metronome Magazine
since 1985

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"Sunday Music Spotlight"

Serial Thrillers aren’t just another band out of Boston. It’s two primary members, Paul Ortolano and Stephen Clements, are music industry veterans, as studio musicians, on tours in backing bands, and even hosting radio shows. In 2008 they got together and recorded an eponymous album full of intricate pop songs. They’re complex enough to be interesting, but catchy enough to be memorable.

Since I’m sitting in a hotel room in New Orleans, in between work and more work, I’m going to rely on the band’s press release to fill in the rest of the details. Check out the songs at the bottom though. You won’t be disappointed.

- Pop Culture... Will Eat Itself

"Independent release, 2008"

"It's nice to know that, while the earthy low-fi indie singer-songwriter vibe remains ascendant, there are still indie acts out there whose personal groove is all about hitting you with The Big Riff.

Serial Thrillers is an album I reviewed by accident, plopping it in and letting it ride through my subconscious for half an hour or more before I really sat up and took notice. No doubt one of the explanations for that is the production – crystal-clear enough to earn the title of both blessing and curse – of Anthony J. Resta (Collective Soul, Duran Duran, Shawn Mullins, Perry Farrell). Whether the songs are post-grunge guitar-heavy alt-rock ("The Cycle") or more introspective and spacious fare ("Forgive"), there isn't a molecule of sound out of place.
Much of the credit/blame there must also go to ST mastermind vocalist/guitarist/bassist/chief songwriter Paul Ortolano, whose earnest, appealing melodies remind me a bit of Second Dan in both their moody duality and their fundamental expansiveness. To their credit, Ortolano, Resta and drummer Stephen Clements throw some interesting electronic textures into otherwise by-the-numbers cuts like "Miss Black & White" and "If Ever," which help rescue them from the rather cliché-heavy lyrics.

Those quibbles aside, though, let's be clear -- Serial Thrillers has appeal, or I wouldn't have made it this far. The album's kickoff one-two punch of "Defied" and "Unattractive" are engaging and well-crafted, transitioning seamlessly from breezy pop melodicism to arena-sized guitar muscle. There's more goodness in the late going as well, as the steady-as-she-goes "Bolder" and rather Rush-divided-by-Tool closer "Rex" underscore Ortolano, Clements and Resta's gift for crafting tasty big-sky guitar-pop.

Serial Thrillers raises expectations with a name that's only somewhat justified by the end result. That said, there's a core of melodic appeal that's undeniable. A little less calculation and a little more true grit and Serial Thrillers could be onto something big."

-Jason Warburg
- Daily Vault - Indie Friday

" Newsletter"

Serial Thrillers are deadly catchy

For fans of progressive pop rock, Serial Thrillers live up to their name on their 2008 eponymous debut. Bold and unique yet instantly accessible, Boston's Paul Ortolano (singer/songwriter) and Stephe Clements (drums) crafted a dozen killer originals that have caught on with critics and fans alike.
The album succeeds in no small part with the added talent of power producer Anthony J. Resta (Collective Soul, Duran Duran, Shawn Mullins, Perry Farrell), and the band is quick to sing his praises.
"We had heard about Anthony in music circles for years, as we had some mutual friends," explained Ortolano. "I had always had it in the back of my mind to connect with him to see if we could work together."
One thing they had in common with Anthony was their work with legendary New Wave band Missing Persons. "Besides having the privilege of playing together for as long as we have and sharing stages with some pretty heavy hitters, I think touring as members of 'Missing Persons' is up there with our career highlights," said Clements.
Once the connection was made, he said, "the experience was amazing... it turned out that we all had such an incredible chemistry and respect for the music, each other, and the recording process. It was a bit of a revelation to find out that it could be so satisfying and so much fun to collaborate in that way."
"As artists, I think we've all had that feeling of being apprehensive about working with a producer," he admitted. "I've had some decent experiences, but this was definitely eye-opening."
And ear-opening. Though new to, our listeners have already embraced their hard-edged single "Rex", which is currently climbing its way up our Modern Rock charts.
"So far, the site has been very helpful in gauging how our music comes across to other artists and the feedback has been very positive," Ortolano said. "It has also allowed us to connect to other musicians across the globe who could assist in determining possible touring venues, art publications, local radio stations and music scenes. is turning out to be an effective niche tool in what we're doing with indie promotions and marketing. We were interested in what we heard about the site for that reason: its unique approach to exposing people to new music."
The band has taken a fiercely independent stance in releasing their own music, seeing it as their most viable option regardless of their career aspirations. "Even if we were looking for a major deal I think the course of action would be similar," said Clements. "We need to make our presence known either way. We have a lot to gain self-promoting because we believe in the music more than an outsider ever could. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Things can change suddenly."
As far as advice, Ortolano recommended that aspiring musicians "have fun, but take what you're doing seriously. Professionally record and package your music. Put in as much time every day as you can getting it heard. Create and keep up mutually beneficial relationships. Nothing beats hard work, and a conquer or die attitude.
"For me it's all about balance: between art and business, personal vision and artistic collaboration and compromise, serious and dedicated hard work and cutting loose and having fun. As hard as it gets," he said defiantly, "I still love what I do and will keep doing it regardless of what happens."


- Serial Thrillers - 12 song debut CD
- Serial Thrillers 'F5' 5 Song EP



The Boston based Alt-Pop rock duo "Serial Thrillers" is a creation of singer/songwriter Paul Ortolano and drummer Stephen Clements. The 12-song debut CD "Serial Thrillers" was produced by Anthony J. Resta (Collective Soul, Duran Duran, Shawn Mullins, Perry Farrell) is a powerful taste of edgy pop revisiting classic album rock.

Ortolano and Clements have worked together in several bands, sharing stages with the likes of King’s X, Godsmack, Howie Day, Big Wreck, The Tubes, Warrant and Extreme. They also teamed up with New Wave front girl and legendary singer Dale Bozzio for a tour with (one of Gwen Stefani’s favorite super groups) Missing Persons. Over the past several years they’ve kept busy writing, recording, and playing venues in the US, as well as doing live on-air interviews and performances at numerous rock and college stations in New England. Additionally, Stephen’s studio session work and Paul’s guitar work have been featured on radio remixes for RCA Records and Hollywood Records.

Born from a diverse background of musical talent, technology, and media exploration, the duo brings a dynamic and guitar energized studio sound to the live stage accompanied by visual textures of synchronized lighting and original video art/Indie film clips to saturate the senses.

The songs, written by Paul Ortolano, are Serial Thrillers’ foundation – unusual, beautiful compositions with influences that span from pop to progressive and lyrics that can cut with a blunt edge, or mix fiction and autobiography into delightfully ambiguous landscapes. From the melodious twists and turns of songs like "Defied", to the upbeat shuffle & honesty of "So Beautiful", to the bold commentary of straight up rock tracks "Unattractive" and "Miss Black and White, "Serial Thrillers" has something for just about everyone.

The band is gearing up for tour dates in the Winter/Spring of 2011 to support the release of their new Single "So Beautiful" to HotAC radio across the US, and the world via the internet. Downloads and physical copies of their Debut album, their new "F5" EP, & all singles are available now at, itunes, Cdbaby, myspace, and many other web & retail outlets.