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Madison, Wisconsin, United States | SELF

Madison, Wisconsin, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Serianna - Serianna EP 2008"

Serianna - Serianna EP
Reviewed by: Klatzke (10/26/08)
Serianna - Serianna EP
Record Label: None
Release Date: 2008


A five-piece christian metalcore act from Madison, Wisconsin that released their debut EP on their own. They're not really creative, but there are few bands in their scene that are.

How is it?

Decent, but bland. They get a lot of things right, (primarily the instrumentation), but they get just as much wrong. The biggest problem with the EP is the vocalist. He sounds like he's trying way too hard to fit in with the stereotypical metalcore vocalists, and it just gets annoying. It's just about all low-register growls; he never switches it up, or even slightly alters his voice. There's no sung vocals, no chants, and eventually the frontman just begins to take his toll. The band must have realized this, as the vocalist has been replaced since the EP was released.

As I said before, they've managed to get something right as well. The musicianship displayed on this album isn't creative, but it definitely holds its own. The thundering drums, double bass, and chugging guitars create the same kind of atmosphere you can hear on just about any other metalcore release. However, there's just something about the instrumentation that keeps my attention.

Overall, it's a pretty average release. I mean, you've got the cookie-cutter structures, underdeveloped vocals, and all of the things I've mentioned before. If you're a huge metalcore fan, you may like this release. Otherwise, it's probably not worth your time.

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self titled first album "Serianna." This was played on the local hour in the Madison, WI radio station 94.1 WJJO

We are curently finshing up our full length cd which should hopefully be done in November/December. Stay tuned.......



We push ourselves on a daily basis, on and off stage
to write and play to the best of our abilities.
Providing a positive atmosphere for everyone, everywhere we go.
We write music from our hearts, with passion for doing what we love.
Every fan, every person at a show, means the world to us.

Thank you for checking out our page!
We hope to meet you at a show soon.