Diamond Bar, California, USA

This young adverbially named band represents a fresh, new blend of asian pop, britpop and american rock. Their self-titled EP, Seriously, released in 2007, met widespread acclaim and left fans clamoring for more. Seriously plans to release their first full-length album in the fall of 2009.


Growing up in Diamond Bar, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, the four rambunctious members of Seriously grew up in the epicenter of an international cross-section of cultures. They grew up around pan-Asian strip malls juxtaposed against mainstream suburban malls, listening to Asian pop songs and American rock and r&b, and britpop-influenced bands like Radiohead and Coldplay. And their songs are all about relationships. In fact, hanging out with these guys for just a few hours easily reveals the level of importance that relationships have on the four members' lives. Seriously sings about their struggles in all kinds of relationships. Seriously's music is melancholy-hued but is in the end, clearly optimistic. "Our songs are about the desire to belong, to be accepted," says bassist / songwriter, Joshua Baek. The moments of wisdom and raw honesty peppered throughout their songs is revealing of their youthful sense of idealism and hope.

Having met at a local Asian church, the four guys came to form the band Seriously only to compete in the most celebrated Asian American talent show in Los Angeles, Kollaboration. Clearly the crowd favorite and judged as the Best Musical Act by the panel of Asian American celebrity judges, Seriously won the grand prize winning an offer to record with producer / composer Woody Pak and his Artist Development company, Chaos Theory Music.

The four members of Seriously range in ages 21 to 25 years old. The members of Seriously have experienced a whirlwind of changes in having a musical career alongside their already packed lives as college students. A friend, Alex Park, was recruited by their producers to document their journey into the drama and experience of establishing a music career, the series of which has been released on youtube, myspace and the band's website.

Seriously's producer Woody Pak expresses his hope for the band citing their strong work ethic and grounded personalities. "We really believe that they can be the next Asian American, maybe the first all- Asian American rock band that really can hit the mainstream".



Written By: Chris Pham

Mama, I see you crying again
Papa, I see you screaming again
Why is that everything is so untogether?
Nothing seems right
Nothing is as it is in those silver screens

Come and save me from myself
Because I’ve lost the love that I once held
Come and rescue me from my pain
So that this hardened heart can
Cry once again

A million fireflies surround me
And it’s in their safety that I feel
But blank out my distractions
They blind me from what I need to see

Come and save me from myself
Because everything I do is so unkept
Come and rescue me from my pain
So that this hardened heart can
Cry once again


Written By: Alex Yi


Welcome to humility
so take off all your pride
welcome to a greater feat
losing your old life

Coming from the emptiness
your about to take a ride
collecting yourself to a new degree
your about to take on life

I run, I take off
I lost all my patience
I run, I take off
to boast of a new thing
I run, I run HERE
Comes my mistake, this is where I hesitate

Take all of me
I can't fight myself no more
I can't fight myself
If it's meant to be
Break me down
Break me down

Found myself a new defeat
I'm battered, bruised and torn
I can't keep still on my two feet
I'm falling to my knees

I'm coming from the emptiness
getting past this strife
make my darkness into light
take over my life

Am I ready to take a chance, take a chance
take a step closer to that light
that light that will kindle bright
Burn bright, Shine over my pride

Bright Bright oh light you shine
Bright light be the best of me
Bright light take all my life
Bright light be the best of me~


Written By: Chris Pham and Alex Yi

Waking up slow on a tuesday
grabbin a coffee and on my way
drivin up goin 65
just another day to get by

and on my mind is when
i'll see that pretty face again
to have you in my arms
would be the greatest God could give to me

darlin wont you be my melody
if we together, yeah if we're meant to be

So wont you be the best of me
Or will you be another memory
Won't you catch a minute with me
Maybe we'll get past this irony

its crazy how that even now
nothing is going as it should be
That im still bitter im trying to say
I just wish the plan would go our way

Wonderin why we're stuck in this
situation that's obvious
Maybe it's me or maybe it's her
Maybe it's a love that's not for sure

Will I see the sun shine today

Dare I Say

Written By: Joshua Baek

I wish that I could say, everything that I had saved for tonight
That I want you to stay, so I could fix this mess and not regret it for the rest of my..
But instead I'll wish you luck, cause out of sight means out of mind, and I guess I can't have you feeling stuck.

I pray that New York will be everything that you need, everything that you read, but drop me a line, and let me know you were fine… cause I..

Can't get used to the silence tonight
Can't get used to the silence tonight
Cant get used to the silence this time
'Cause it's screaming our goodbyes.

So much for no regrets, cause you know I can't remember things, but it's even harder trying to forget
God, I'll miss that laugh, that look, that hold, that hand that shook my heart and took my will to hold it back.

Cause I was in, dare I say, love love love, dare I call it what it was, cause we both know what it wasn’t just for fun

Can't get used to the silence tonight
Can't get used to the silence tonight
Can't get used to the silence this time
'Cause its screaming our goodbyes.

Sometimes things end before they are said (before they are sung), I can cry another day
So I'll pretend that I'm ok

But I’m still in, dare I say, love,
Gonna call it like it is, or am I swinging just to miss when I say I loved you,
say I loved you-

But I’ll keep it to myself
And try to find another girl that makes me feel exactly how I felt

You don’t need to know
Cause I want to make it easier for you to pack your things and go

-sometimes things end before they are said (before they are sung)
I can cry another day
So ill pretend that im ok
As youre walking away.

{2nd part of prechorus type thing} optional part? I think its gonna be taken out.

--I know you are trying to make it seem alright but I can read between that smile and I know its not your style to make things harder on me

(possible chorus) or bridge thingy? Buildup?!
Cant get used the silence tonight
Cause it’s screaming our goodbyes.
Cant get used the silence this time


Self-titled debut EP, Seriously

Set List

(up to 75 minutes)
Only Mostly
Two of a Kind
Dare I Say
Godspeed Cats & Dogs
Wish Upon
The Immaculate Addiction