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Waalwijk, North Brabant, Netherlands

Waalwijk, North Brabant, Netherlands
Band Rock Alternative


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This band hasn't logged any past gigs



"Video drumopnames debuutalbum SeriouS"

Drummer Robert Spaninks speelt sinds januari 2010 bij de band SeriouS. Zijn eerste werk voor de band was het inspelen van het debuutalbum dat na de zomer moet uitkomen. Robert is van meerdere markten thuis en heeft een Making off... van de opnames gemaakt, waarbij je meteen een voorproefje van de muziek van de band te zien én te horen krijgt.

De band bestaat uit: Robert Spaninks - drums, Jonathan Hoevertsz - zang, Nick Polman - gitaren, Vincent Zaalberg - gitaren en Jan Bijlsma op basgitaar. - Slagwerkwereld


Zondag 24 april deed Don Airey een solo optreden in The Rock Temple in Kerkrade. De rockformatie SeriouS verzorgde het voorprogramma en mocht het publiek in de stemming brengen voor het concert van de toetsenist van Deep Purple. Ondanks een magere opkomst rockten de heren er stevig op los. Onze fotograaf Frans van Arkel was ver van huis en schoot deze foto van Robert Spaninks, de fanatieke drummer van SeriouS. -


Still working on that hot first release.




2010 has been the year to take things SeriouS for this five piece rockband, originating from the Netherlands and doing things the best way they know how, founder members Nick Polman and Jan Bijlsma started recording the songs which they had written with the concept of a new band in the back of their minds. Complimented by the harmonic vocal lines that are the trademark of lead-singer Jonathan Hoevertsz, the combination of rough-edged double barrel guitar-parts and a strong sense for melody in the vocals all adds up to the unique sound of SeriouS: fierce yet gentle; raw but polished.

In the meantime joined by drummer Robert Spaninks and guitarist Vincent Zaalberg, the recording of their debut album was done with a lot of focus on the total production, as well as each individual track, intended to be a story of its own.
The best way to describe the compositions is that every aspect in each song has been carefully considered and is meant to be an open door to a broader audience attracting ‘rockers and ravers’ alike.

The band is geared up to go out on stage to perform all 13 songs live, and take every aspect of making and performing their music very intense; attending a concert will be an experience where musical craftsmanship and entertainment join hands together, aiming to create a long-lasting friendship with audiences around the world.

If you pronounce "SeriouS" fonetically, it also refers to Sirius, the double universal star that is said to connect all galaxies in the universe. The rotation period of small Sirius B around big Sirius A is 52 world years, which is the measure that ancient Mayan astronomers based their Tzolkin, or real-time calendars upon, known as 'the Sirian cycle'. It is said in their prophecies that Sirius will be the responsible star to unify all galaxies and solar systems throughout the universe in the year 2012, resonating the ultimate tone and chord of gathering and unity! Hopefully, SeriouS-music will be a source to let many music lovers gather and unite throughout the world to enjoy the songs they have written for this debut album and share the passion, the magic and fun these guys feel when they play and perform their songs.

Now the quest is to find all the right partners within the music-industry that are willing to invest their long-term commitments to build SeriouS into a stronghold that will last through the next decade and beyond. All conditions seem to be good and the ingredients are all there... it will only take a label with the same kind of vision to set the world stage for this incredible debut album; a landmark for anyone that appreciates and realizes the future is now so let’s get SeriouS.