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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""Very Talented""

"The first thought that comes to mind when listening to this forward-thinking band is the unmitigated understanding of songwriting and structure these guys, and girl, possess. They establish themselves outside of the contemporary mainstream box through extensive use of poly-metric rhythms, technical melodic phrases and musical junctures, a feat only accomplished by the very talented." - Steve Shultz - Post

""Stand Out""

"Seris is a band that sounds like a mixture of guitar heavy Mudvayne and the sultry femininity of Evanescence. The band skirts the line of typical avant-garde metal solely through the powerful female vocals of singer Melati Olivia. The juxtaposition of Olivia's sweet, somber vocals to minor chord progressions work to make the band stand out amongst other metal and progressive bands." - Kait McNamee - UCD Advocate

""Metallic Aria""

"Not only do they possess great technical talent, the group's take on their chosen genre is rather inspiring at the very least. To us, they are destined for international success. Seris' ability to create a metallic cry is seconded only by their collective desire to progress. On stage and in the studio, Seris' songs take a departure from what you can normally call a "song." Their work in sound is pure metallic aria." - K. H. Min - SyMobius


"Welcome to Seris" EP (2011)



SERIS. With every wave of sound they resonate, there exists an unspoken promise to defy the conventional standards of today’s music while creating an emotional cadence sure to linger long after the rhythms have stopped. Enthralled by the notion of discounting the status-quo, Seris vows to create a sound which breaks from the monotony of the overheard, underwhelming songs of the moment, and instead embraces the endless horizon of the unexplored. Seris has established these infinite possibilities to be their playground.

Taking elements of dark and artistic progressive rock and adding a very deliberate odd-time metal feel serves as their musical foundation. Fusing this progressive edge with a powerful and haunting female voice distinctly separates this unique ensemble from the rest. The result of this combination is a modern style of metal whose musicality and technicality blend seamlessly into a focused and emotionally-provocative sound not yet heard on any terrestrial radio station.

Very evident on their 3 song self-titled demo, Seris takes a departure from the standard metal approach in a dynamic and exceptional way. Starting off with the powerful and edgy, though quite accessible hit “Residence,” Seris’ commanding and beautiful vocals are supported by a dark and driving melodic form. Followed by the energetic and odd-timed makings of “And Fury”, the demo keeps any curious listener nothing less than absorbed in the pure musical wonderment. “Tamasisk”, the staccato-minded concluding track on the disk, demonstrates the band’s technical poly-metric prowess while exploiting their capacity to always respect musicality.

Seris’ exodus from the conventions of rock and metal has split the tides in an ocean of music that all sounds too familiar. Their conviction and fortitude only cements their journey along the path laid out before them. With an affirmation to defy the status quo, the potentials of this band are truly immeasurable.