Contemporary folk to folk rock music with traditional Celtic roots.Storytelling based, from medieval English, Scottish Welsh and Irish legends. Magical, mystical, haunting, detailed thought-provoking lyrics. Often described as 'visual' 'cinematic' and compared with Clannad, Anuna, Blackmore's Night


David became interested in music in the 1960's from the ages of fifteen to seventeen when his father first bought him a keyboard and then a guitar.The hobby soon grew from playing in local groups for fun to touring universities in the UK, playing the Cavern Club, Liverpool, to finally turning professional around 1968 touring army camps in Germany.On one occasion he was in one of the two supporting acts to Black Sabbath at the Star Club in Hamburg. In one way or another he has always had some involvement with music, even moreso when he joined another local band and met Maxie who was singing lead vocals.
Maxie is a published poet since the age of fifteen. Her poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies and on the internet. Eight albums produced since 2006, scored highly on internet charts such as, featured on, and strong following on myspace and albums have received excellent reviews.


1. Transitions (2006)
2. Visions (2006)
3. Crossing Over (2006)
4. Endgame EP(2006)
5. Waiting Rooms(2006)
6. Moonstone(2006)
7. Ab Initi (2006)
8. Leylines (2007)
9.Dark Days White Knights (2008)
Tracks from Transitions, Crossing Over, Leylines streamed on Highlander radio (Live 365)
All albums stream from
Lady of the isles/Annwn stream from (Lady of the Isles currently placed number 19 in the World chart of 521.

'The Elven Robe' Dark Days White Knights (2008) played on Gene Godfrey's Classic fm

'Snowy Owl' Ab Initi (2006) played on Deepcuts radio (Live 365)

'Lady of the Isles' played on New Age Celtic radio

Set List

non performers at present studio based singer-songwriters, all music recorded live
interested in licensing for tv film and commercials