Pat Servant... rebaptised ''Servantes'' after walking on South America's soil studying latin rythms, and the narrow streets of Sevilla learning flamenco, now walks on stages around the world with his latin-flamenco-jazz compositions. Let's just say, ''Chick Corea + Santana + Inti Illimani= Servantes


Before sharing the stage with Wynton Marsalis, I was recording my album ''Bluesy AndaLucy'' with Carlos Santana, Alicia Acuna and many more, but not before I wrote a book on advanced techniques for guitarists based on my studies with some guitar giants such as : Paco de Lucia, Leo Brouwer, Raul Garcia Zarate, Manuel Barrueco, Huber Kappel, Roland Dyens, Pepe Romero, Abel Carlevaro, Pedro Sierra, Didier Lockwood, Romane, Dusan Bogdanovic, etc.

Not before that, I went to Brasil, Spain, Peru and Cuba to study and play with the local musicians.

But long before all that, I obtained 2 Master's degrees in classical guitar and chamber music.

Now, long after all this, I share the stage with good-great-awsome musicians and we present stories from these adventures and voyages from around the world through my original compositions, a fusion of world-latin-jazz music.


I'm 6 years old, my parents buy me my first guitar, bigger than me and borrowed from the uncle, I drive an hour every week and learn easy tunes needing only 2 fingers... but sometimes 4 to play only one note! Many competitions and family shows, each semester, I grow up to be as tall as my guitar and I keep asking my teacher to show me how to rock'n'roll but we stay with basics wich I become to respect and love: classical music.

As years go by, more fingers make their way on the strings. I enter the Conservatory of Music of Québec in Hull, studying with famous teacher Patrick Roux.

Coming back from my weekly lessons, I manage to make my little rebellion in my room, playing the rock'n'rolls and blueses I always wanted to learn. I start playing with bands in the neighborhood, while still studying classical full time. I win a couple of first prizes in competitions, and collect bands and musical projects.

Diplomas obtained, I go to Peru with saxophone player Yves Lacoursière to study music from the Andes and latin rythms. When I come I compose for the SERVANTES project wich started in latin-rock but became latin-jazz influenced by flamenco, classical and bluegrass!

My bandmates started calling me "SERVANTES" (pronouced Cervantès), to illustrate the passion I have for latin music. (Miguel de CERVANTES is the name of a great Spanish writer from the 16th Century). My recent projects brought me to Sevilla to study flamenco, a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

In 2007, I release my first DVD album. I am now working on an album of jazz standards arrangements inspired by flamenco.

Mad Drouin – bass, congas, guirro
Yves Lacoursière – saxophones alto, ténor, flûte
Frank Taillefer – congas, surdo, darbuka
Alvaro de minaya – bongos, timbales, cajon
Nic Fizzano – drums, djembe
Marion Joncas – flamenco dance

My firsts bands

The Goodies – first rock'n'roll band with friends from school
Los Desperados – with Vincent Boudreau and Daniel Vaillancourt
Saij – vocal quintet, a capella!
Guitaria – classical guitar trio
Contretemps Go Junior – tango nuevo quartet
Gueule de Bois – bluegrass trio
Los Locos – latin
Energie Band – rock Top 40
Sacbe – Latin-rock

Le Groupe Swing – as guest;
Mr. Rubber Finger a.k.a. Stef Levesque
Ruben Alejandro Orchestra – Cuban composer
Nicole Babin
Renee Lapointe – Soprano
Mouche Ta Bouche
The Groovy Little Orchestra


D.E.S.M.2 (Contest) classical guitar
D.E.S.M. (Contest) chamber music

Conservatory of Music of Quebec in Gatineau
Domaine Forget of Charlevoix where I studied
Classical Guitar

With Pepe Romero (Espagne), Leo Brouwer (Cuba), Norbert Kraft (Canada), Hubert Kappel (Allemagne), Roland Dyens (France), Ricardo Cobo (Etas-Unis), Elliot Fisk (Allemagne)
Jazz & Latin Music

With Didier Lockwood (France), Sébastien Groulx et Denis Poliquin (Canada), Raul Garcia Zarate (Pérou)

With Oscar Guzman (Espagne), Pedro Sierra (Andalousie), Andrés Hernandez (Chili), Jordi Albarran (Andalousie), Jesus Torres (Andalousie).


(Arranger and signer) SAIJ, Album "Noël au douzième degré, (APCM Distribution)
(Musician) Mario Gilbert and Sylvain Lavoie, A Pleines Voiles, (APCM Distribution)
(Musician, arrangeur & réalisateur) Nicole Babin
(Musician) Mario Gilbert, Labyrinth
(Musician) Album Stéphane Gosselin, Du Rêve a l’Éveil…
(Musician, arrangeur) Céline Guindon
(Musician) Luc Grandmaison
(Musician, arranger & producer) Robert Poisson
Movie Scores

Comics Ink (2003) Soundtrack – a Pat Patenaude movie
61 Dagwood (2006) Soundtrack – a Pat Patenaude movie
Composing for Université du Québec en Outaouais advertisement campaign (2006)
Composing for Human Potential Consultants Inc. album

First prize winner at Canadian Music Competition, 1994
First prize winner at Concours Guitare-Mauricie, 1996
First priz


2011 Servantes, Standards Alla Flamenca! (CD)

2010 Servantes, Bluesy AndaLucy (CD)

2009 Pat Servant, Guitar treaty on advanced techniques for string instrumentalists (Book)

2007 Servantes Live!, Salle Odyssée (DVD)

Set List

Torero (Servantes)
Bluesy AndaLucy (Servantes)
Somewhere (Servantes)
Chan Chan (F. Repilado)
Ventileaor (Ojos de Brujo)
Puerta del Principe (M. Sanlucar)
Si Hay Ritmo (Servantes)

TGV Montreal-New-York (Servantes)
Buleria del Verano 26 (Servantes)
Conmigo (Servantes)
Viento de Zahara (Servantes)
Tango Pa Elefantito (Servantes)
Pa' Los Rumberos (T. Puente)