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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Soul Joy Records Pr

4 Feb 2007 10:14 A

Servant Radio
Concert Review 02/03/2007

Servant Radio One of Knoxville’s premier rock artists fronted by Allen with guitarist Dustin, bassist Kent and drummer Brian really turned it up a notch last night at the Warehouse in Clinton TN.

While I went out last night expecting to see just another artist perform on a bitter cold Saturday night I was floored when Servant Radio hit the stage with enough energy to heat up the room a few degrees. Allen never slowed down for a minute his actions were as great as the message he was relaying to the crowd. I sat in astonishment as he circled the room with his cordless microphone not missing a beat. As I watched in amazement I thought man these guys are good. I then turned my attention to the other performers in the band and was really set back. I scanned over to the bassist and he was drilling every note as if it would be the last he played. I thought can this be real or am I just dreaming. This guy is all over the neck on that bass and he makes it look effortless, he reminded me of another Billy Shehan. Just then I looked over and focused on the guitarist and saw him doing things that only the pros do. He was not playing just your simple power chords, man this dude was all over the neck as well. It sounded like two guitarists on stage he was rocking so hard it reminded me a lot of the old Randy Rhoads as he pulled off stuff that few musicians are able to do. Now I look back at the drummer and he is just trashing the drums. He never missed a beat while he continued to swing his head at break neck speed and still hitting every crash, tom, kick and snare hit on time.

These guys are truly talented and I myself cannot wait to get out and see them again soon. If you get a chance to see them I assure you it will be a show you will not want to miss.

Fellas all I can say is continue to rock. You have an excellent sound and message. I cannot wait to talk to you more.

Dir PR Dept
Soul Joy Records
- Soul Joy Records


Plight of the Non-Authentic Human
Released 2005
Songs streaming on
as well as Various online Stations
Fuse Radio FM
Kingdom Rock Radio
Now recording with Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Pillar, Disciple)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Servant Radio erupted out of a small town in the Bible Belt in 2004. With the main focus on exploring the twisted niches located in each band members log of experience, the band quickly realized that this was a project no other they had been party to in the past. The unbridled need for these four musicians to grow, has had a great deal to do with the band's longevity.
Finding an audience did not prove difficult with fans growing tired of rehashed clones that were flooding the market. In 2005 Servant Radio released "Plight of the Non-Authentic Human". This was a small taste of what the band was going to sound like over the next couple of years. With times changing, and exploration the main focus the band's sound was bound to change. Now in studio with Travis Wyrick, the band is ready to release what will surely be a ground breaking effort. With synth laden bass lines, melodic guitars, a crushingly solid rhythm section and limitless vocals, the band hopes to break the mold and re-introduce fans to music.
The band has played show after show with band after band. Servant Radio has always been a live band from day one. Sharing music through live performance and imagery, allows fans and the band to experience the music on a different level. Servant Radio is one part spiritual, one part tonic and one part self endulgence. The first little prick of a smooth ride down a morphine drip.