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Servant Radio erupted out of a small town in the Bible Belt in 2004. With the main focus on exploring the twisted niches located in each band members log of experience, the band quickly realized that this was a project no other they had been party to in the past. The unbridled need for these four musicians to grow, has had a great deal to do with the band's longevity.
Finding an audience did not prove difficult with fans growing tired of rehashed clones that were flooding the market. In 2005 Servant Radio released "Plight of the Non-Authentic Human". This was a small taste of what the band was going to sound like over the next couple of years. With times changing, and exploration the main focus the band's sound was bound to change. Now in studio with Travis Wyrick, the band is ready to release what will surely be a ground breaking effort. With synth laden bass lines, melodic guitars, a crushingly solid rhythm section and limitless vocals, the band hopes to break the mold and re-introduce fans to music.
The band has played show after show with band after band. Servant Radio has always been a live band from day one. Sharing music through live performance and imagery, allows fans and the band to experience the music on a different level. Servant Radio is one part spiritual, one part tonic and one part self endulgence. The first little prick of a smooth ride down a morphine drip.


Soon To Be

Written By: AllenSwank

Here I sit and wait for it to rain down from heaven
There you sit idol in stare
Still I wait here

Here I sit as it wells up inside me
There you sit and come unglued in silence

You can not stand
How I won't watch You

If you would just ask
You would understand, You would understand
Why I can not do this for you

There you sit and wait for it to rain down from heaven
There they sit idol in stare
Still you wait there


Plight of the Non-Authentic Human
Released 2005
Songs streaming on
as well as Various online Stations
Fuse Radio FM
Kingdom Rock Radio
Now recording with Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Pillar, Disciple)

Set List

Sets usually run 30 min., 45 min., or 1hour
Soon to Be
The Real
Twisted Self
The Mark
Hey Man Nice Shot (cover) Filter
I Alone (cover) Live
Sweet Alice
Cloned from a Girl
and More.....