Service Animal

Service Animal


A masterful blend of indie rock sensibility and the eerie soundscapes of a dark electro-pop past! Service Animal sets out to make music that both energizes and inspires!


Drawing on over three decades of combined musical exploration and experience, the members of Service Animal came together in the beginning of 2012 to create a positive and uber-creative environment with the goal of making beautiful, haunting and inspiring alternative rock music. Andrew Bailey (vocals, guitars) and Jordan Cassidy (vocals, bass), having gone through the Seattle music scene trenches in various bands, found that their strong personal and professional relationship invoked a need to further explore different and exciting ways of writing and producing music together. Working together in The Shining Skulls since 2009, they used the experience and knowledge to start crafting what they thought to be their "best practices" to make new music that touched upon the old influences and sought to find something new. Having strong vocal skills and widely varying musical influences, as well as a mastery of their chosen weapons, they have begun traveling down the new path easily and have already produced some really great music. Enlisting the finely honed skill-sets of their friend and former band mate Keith Greer (electric/acoustic percussion) and the Jack-of-all-Trades musical MASTERY of Justin Joyce, they set out to cover the entire spectrum of energy and flow. Andrew's ability to mix the melancholy with giddy happiness and Jordan's deep-heart emotional connections, combined with Keith's controlled chaos and unstoppable energy, and Justin's ability to fill in all the gaps with majesty and pure musical awesomeness...they plan to make music for all to enjoy until the end times...and beyond! Look for them to release their debut CD: The Gravity Bear Demonstration in January of 2013!


The Gravity Bear Demonstration (2013, Self Released)