Service Engine Soon

Service Engine Soon


Service Engine Soon is an up and coming Indie/Pop Rock band with all original music, great vocals, and a catchy vibe. Their live performances make them stand apart with their high energy and great stage presence.


Service Engine Soon is a Boston based band. It all began when four friends decided to take pursue their passion for music and create what will soon be the best Indie band out there.


Tim - The Get Up Kids, Spitalfield, Punchline, Third Eye Blind, Taking Back Sunday

Joel - John Mayer, Teitur, Guster, Third Eye Blind, The Schwartz

Raffi - Punchline, The Format, Emery, Weezer, Spitalfield

Jay - Rufio, Daphne Loves Derby, Explosions In the Sky, The Strokes, Coldplay


Hide and Seek EP was released on 1/1/2007 featuring Homecoming and Seeing is believing. All music can be found at