Serving Serenity

Serving Serenity


Serving Serenity is four friends who want to play music that inspires, entertains, motivates, and reaches people of any walk of life. We put an emphasis on the relationships we build while we are out spreading the word of god with our music. T


Our band is made up of four and a half members. Cory Thomure, Kaleb Bales, Kyle Moyers, Matthew Ellison, and a little digital fellow named Toshiba. :) We are located out of Park Hills, MO. Music is our life second only to God. We put Christ first and foremost in our ministry. Our goal is to worship Jesus, giving him glory in all we do, and to bring hope into the lives of everyone that we come in contact with. We put an emphasis on relationships we build while on the road. It is our goal to provide the best worship experience possible. Our set is a mixture of worship songs along with our own songs. If your event theme calls for a specific song to fit the theme, Let us know. We would like to thank you for Checking out our Press Kit. Our prayer is for everyone who hears our music will see them the way God does, cherished by him.


Serving Serenity EP - Summer of 2009

Set List

We chose our set/sets based on the event.