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My music is compelling and real, designed to stimulate all human emotions. It will make you cry, laugh, dance, and think. Seryiouz's songs range from catchy anthems to thought provoking manifestos. "New Millenium Hip Hop."


Seryiouz was born on the southside of Chicago, and very early in life, he was exposed to the street life, watching his older brother's struggles with gangs in the area. Seryiouz, too was quite the troublemaker in school, so in order to direct his energy elsewhere, his parents enrolled him in the band, where he excelled at trumpet. Seryiouz would always right rhymes or freestyle for fun, but woke up one morning and decided that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, so he got Seryiouz and the rest is history.

Seryiouz has been creating a buzz in the Chicago land area with the release of his 2005 debut, "Rise From the Wreckage," various mixtape and showcase appearances. Currently Seryiouz is set to release the second installment, "Electric Liquid,". Seryiouz is influenced by a wide range of artists which include Stevie Wonder, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Notorious Big, Jay-Z, Miles Davis, Prince, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Outkast, and Jimi Hendrix. What sets Seryiouz apart from a lot of rappers is that his track selection and lyrics are always original and forward thinking. His plan is to bridge the gap between the mainstream and underground.


Rise From the Wreckage (2005)
(Saucy, Outta dis World, 4 Tha Cause)

Electric Liquid (2008)
(Ride down on yo boy, Ease up off me)

Set List

My set list usually includes "I'm Seryiouz" as an opening, followed by the Midwest bouncing "Ride Down on yo Boy" for a short set of 10 mins. A longer set for me would be 20 to an hour which would include the aforementioned and other hits from my previous albums.