Fowler, California, USA

Groove/Rock/Experimental This band has it all. Every song is diverse and colorful in its own way. SESSION has created its own genre, and continues to impress all who hear this band. Moving forward with an incredible diverse lineup, this band is sure to impress everyone who hears them!


Session was originally formed in 2000. Jordan Poytress and Patrick Raley are the only remaining original members. Jordan's brother Jeremy had always gone to their practices and jammed with them on occasion, and in early 2008 it was decided he was a member of the band. After many drummers, Codie Collins was found in the depths of Africa's wild congo, in a cave; it was damp. After he was rescued from that he spent his days of rehab playing the drums and was discovered on the side of the road (after escaping his handlers) by the band. It was soon discovered that they jammed well together. And so it was that SESSION was born.


Session is currently in the studio working on their EP CD.

Set List

SESSION'S Set list:
-Sound Wall
-Peces Muertos
-Montazumas Revenge
-Taking It Slow
-Nothing Special
-One In the Same
-Silver Spoon
-Hit the Floor
-In the Air
SESSIONS Set is about 50 minutes long.