Ron Myers Songwriter

Ron Myers Songwriter


A former Truck Driver with a love of music. Got to #2 on broadjam "Honky Tonk" chart with "Snake In A Dress" within two weeks

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The One's That Won't Come Back

Written By: Ron Myers

Liberty has called me,
To help those in despair.
I’ve shouldered arms, I’ll carry on,
Please keep me in your prayers
With bombs and bullets flying round,
My buddies by my side.
We do our best, to win this war
With dignity and pride

I know I won’t be here too long,
Within this battle zone.
I’ll get back to the life I had,
Someday I’ll get back home.
But while I’m here, when duty’s done,
Before I hit the sack.
I pray to God, their souls to keep,
The ones that won’t come back.

Helping those in dire need
Of Liberty and Peace.
Bringing Truth and Freedom,
One day our rôle will cease.
But ‘til it does we’ll soldier on,
We’ll see our duty thru,
Helping those who can’t defend themselves
Behind Red White and Blue

Freedom has a price to pay,
You can not get it free.
You just can’t take for granted,
The cost of Liberty.
There’s many went before us,
To fight in foreign lands.
They instilled in us, our Dignity
And beliefs for which we stand.

So Lord please hear my message,
Cos my life is in your hands.


Oh Lord please keep an eye out
For the ones that won’t come back.

Mr. Ron Myers
Cell: +44 772 916 7218

Snake In A Dress

Written By: Ron Myers

Sitting on a barstool,
With music in my ears.
My eyes were getting cloudy,
I’d had one too many beers.
The barroom went all quiet,
I turned around and saw
Her moving like a snake in a dress, thru the door

She came and sat beside me,
They all watched her like a hawk.
It was hard for me to concentrate
When she began to talk.
She asked me was I doing fine
And could she have a drink?
I didn’t see the venom coming,
‘Cos I couldn’t think.

She took me by surprise,
She brought me to my knees,
She really was the number one, the best.
I didn’t know what hit me
When she walked into my life
She moved on me from nowhere
Took my best
She moved just like a snake.
She moved just like a snake in a dress.

We ended up together
She’d used all of her technique.
But soon the poison started working
Making me feel weak.
It wasn’t long before the lawyers
Started on me too.
The writs and all the legal papers
Came out of the blue.

(1st 4 lines of Chorus)
‘til she walked out of my life
She moved on me with lawyers
Took my best
She moved just like a snake.
She really was a snake in a dress.

I gotta tell you guys out there
Who’re sitting on them stools.
Don’t you fall for snakes in dresses.
Don’t you be a fool.
Don’t you let them near you
And keep a clear head
Don’t you let them get you
Trapped inside their marriage bed

(2nd Chorus)

©2005 Ron Myers

4 Can Hell

Written By: Ron Myers

I never was a drinker,
Until she went away,
But now I’m down at Wall-Mart
Every single day.
I get myself 4 cans of beer
And a ready meal as well.
The meal goes in the microwave,
I go to 4 can Hell

4 can Hell. (4 can Hell)
Can be just around the corner or at home
4 can Hell (4 can Hell)
Can be anywhere on Earth when you’re alone.
If she thinks that I can take it?
She don’t know me that well.
Cos since she’s been away from me
I’ve gone to 4 can Hell

I don’t know why she did it,
We got along so well.
But then I started drinking and wound up in
4 can Hell

(Short Solo)

When she left she took my truck,
Then came back for the car.
Took almost every dime I had
To keep me out the bar.
I had some money in my clip,
I hid that bit so well.
So it’s off to Wall-mart
Get 4 cans
Then go to 4 can Hell


It’s hard not to begrudge her
I’d like to wish her well,
But instead of me, I wish that she,
Would go to 4 can Hell.


© 2006 Ron Myers

The Whisper

Written By: Ron Myers

I used to think,
I’d never find,
A love that’s gona last me ‘til the end of time.
But all that’s changed,
My life’s re-arranged.
I can hold you in my arms
And I can call you mine.

When you whispered my name,
From a thousand miles away,
I came to you.
At the sound of your whisper,
My world has been renewed,
And it’s all because of you.
Tho’ I can’t forget the feelings of the past,
I know that what we’ve got here’s gona last.
So hold me dear,
Keep me always near,
To you.

(Short Solo)

Now days go past,
You’re by my side,
When I hold you in my arms,
I’m feeling satisfied.
What can it be?
What have you done to me?
You brought love and dried the tears
And you have set me free




©2006 Ron Myers

So In Love With You

Written By: Ron Myers

When you hold me with your eyes, I like it.
When you hold me with your heart, I get
So excited.
And the thousand other things you do,
Tell my heart
I’m so in love with you.

You’re the meaning of my life,
You’re the one to be my wife.
You’re the light inside the dark,
That lights my way.
You give me hope when I despair,
You’re the one who’s always there.
You will always be my every fantasy.

When you touch me with your hand, I like it.
When you touch me with your love, I get
So excited.
And I never thought it could be true,
But it is
And I’m in love with you.


When you love me with your heart, I like it.
When you love me with your soul, I get
So excited.
And I give my heart and soul to you,
For evermore,
Cos I’m in love with you.


©2007 Ron Myers