Session Zero

Session Zero


Session Zero is the most innovative band to ever come out of Florida. Mixing their own new sound of Dark Funk, Blues, and Alternative Heavy Metal have developed a strong cult following of Jam Band and Progressive Rock lovers.


Innovation is the key to our music and what we hold highest and believe to be the most important aspect of music composition. All the members of Session Zero are heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, TOOL, Faith No More, Les Claypool, Alice In Chains, Queen, NIN, Pantera, Rush, Danny Elfman, Frank Zappa and many more unique songwriters and musicians. Being able to perform our songs live just as they appear on our records is another key to our success and reputation.


"In Vertigo" first full length independent release on Flower Blade Records.

Set List

1-The Angel and the Corpse
2-Last of the Right
3-Beautiful Child
4-Come Inside
5-Little Girls
6-Far Away
7-Zombie Bop

this is our most common set which is about 40 minutes. at any given time on any night we can perform our entire album and fill in approximately 30 minutes of improv.