Los Angeles, California, USA

SESTRIC delivers authentic Hard Rock & Roll. The L.A. based band is led by the voice and lead guitar work of diverse music artist Chris Sestric. Check out the debut record "Something About The Snake" on CDBaby. visit for more info.


Dedicated rock & roller Chris
Sestric began working on his record Something About The Snake as a
side project while playing in a host of Hollywood based bands, the
longest tenures being with The Resistance and The Undead M.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA Chris is an accomplished musician,
composer, songwriter and music producer. He has a bachelors degree from
Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he majored in Film Scoring
and a secondary focus in Contemporary Writing & Production.

The heavy rock music of the early 90s was Chriss most impressionable
period. He sites Guns n Roses as his all time favorite band and hearing
Steve Vais Passion & Warfare as a life changing musical
experience. While ignoring most mainstream music of the late 90s and
early 2000s, Chris expanded his musicianship through the study of jazz
and classical genres.

Since moving to Los Angeles Chris has
worked as a music assistant to several Hollywood film composers on a per
project basis, most notably Richard Gibbs. He has played guitar, sang
and composed music for a variety of projects including film scores,
jingles and music libraries.

Promoting Something About the Snake as well as creating music for the next record is now his main musical priority.


Something About The Snake is an 18-song, hard rock masterpiece.

A template with Les Pauls, Marshalls, piercing vocals and tight drum
& bass grooves paint a familiar rock picture, but the craft of the
songwriting and the way the performances are aggressively delivered are
refreshing and stand out from the din of todays rock music.

Most of the tracks have a sinister edge to them. Some of the songs are a
mixture of heavy, dark and angry moods with lyrics about past
relationships and living the life of a Hollywood musician; other songs
are a bit more satirical and tongue-in-cheek.

listeners will no doubt hear traces of Guns n Roses, Van Halen, Alice
in Chains, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Metallica and other legendary hard rock
bands that influenced Something About The Snakes unique sound.

With the exception of drums plus a couple of guest vocal parts Chris Sestric wrote, performed and engineered everything.