The S.E.T.

The S.E.T.

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S.E.T. is one of the hottest hip hop groups out right now, and they have opened for some of hip hop's biggest stars. These stars include Scarface,Trina,Lil Wayne and more.


Every now and then a group comes along and really sets themselves from the pack with an explosive sound and nature. The S.E.T. ( South East Texanz ) are one of those groups. S.E.T. is from Beaumont, TX
and their music is mixture of that hot Southern style, and all around blazing hip hop music. Their debut release, ( Unexpected ) is set for release in the summer of 2004. S.E.T. literally all ready has a world wide fan base and has garnered thousands of streams and downloads on Australia's mp3 site ( ).

S.E.T. is made up of two mc's, Toochie Loc & J-Blu. S.E.T. has opened shows for hip hop stars such as,
Scarface, Trina, Lil Wayne, and more. This group is on fire and is sure to take some by suprise, befitting
the title of their debut album ,(Unexpected),which is set for release in summer of 2004. S.E.T. is a hot group and in the next couple years everybody will have heard of them.



Set List

Carpet Pro-3:10
It's You-3:16
Hands Up-4:26
Come See-4:11
What You Came Here Fo'-4:06
When We Ride-4:15
We Ain't Playing-3:26
Fuk Wit Me-4:09
I Know What You Want-3:38
That Shake-3:29