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La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF | AFTRA

La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2015
Duo Rock Alternative


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"Set To Flames release dark, beautiful debut single "Underwater""

For La Ronge alt rock duo Set To Flames, the long wait is over. The band, formed by Troy Patterson and Shelbey Savoie in 2015, released their debut single "Underwater" just last week. Originally written six years ago and continually reworked by the songwriting team, the dark, heavy track showcases Savoie's powerful, memorable vocal melodies and Patterson's aggressive guitar arrangement. Set To Flames graciously shared with NSMZ a little background on "Underwater" the day of it's release.

The top-notch recording was surprisingly done by the band in a home studio. As Patterson explains, "The entire production so far has been accomplished in our basements. Writing lyrics, piecing our music together, recording, mixing, mastering, and all of the post-production has been done by the two of us in our homes. It’s allowed us to not only understand our music from the performing side, but also be able to really make it our own as we have learned all of the other steps that go into releasing music into the world. It has been a very long, but rewarding process now that we feel that we are ready to showcase the songs we have created."

Savoie shared the entire story behind the song with us, illustrating how it grew and evolved into the final form. "It was the second song we wrote together, back in 2015. We had a previous version of 'Underwater', but never felt that it was a fully-fledged or completed song. We would put it on the back burner, write more music, try going back to it again but something was always missing. It was maybe only three months ago, revision # who knows, when Troy changed the entire key, wrote a different guitar and bass track following my vocal melody line and added a section for a new chorus. I’ve always wanted to keep this song sort of simple and to the point, and decided to use the straightforward statement 'it feels like I am underwater'. Everything quickly fell into place after that and it was then we believed 'Underwater' was finally where it needed to be."

Savoie also offered insight into her songwriting inspiration and what inspires her brooding, personal lyrics. "Underwater is about a metaphorical drowning" she reflected. "It comes from a place of fear of the unknown, a sense of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to turn. A lot of times that comes from conflict in the relationship I have with myself, as I know a lot of times I am my own worst enemy. This song, and many others that I have written focus on this subject. Despite the material having dark and somewhat depressing undertones, I personally am thrilled with how I can take this fragility within myself and turn it into something I find beautiful and dynamic. In the end it becomes almost empowering and not at all seen as the vulnerability it once was."

"Underwater" is the first single from an 11 song full length album which Set To Flames will release in July. "The songs are now complete" Patterson disclosed, "we have just a few final touches to make before announcing the official release date. We are very proud of the album from start to finish and have been working towards this for a very long time. We now feel that we are ready to show the world what Set To Flames is all about!"

"Underwater" is available on all major streaming services.

By Will Yannacoulias - North Sask Music Zine - NSMZ

"Northern Duo Release Self-Titled Album"

Two northern musicians are anticipating the release of their debut self-titled album Set to Flames on all major platforms Tuesday.

“I’m super proud of everything we have done so far and I’m so excited to finally be able to have something tangible for people to listen to,” Shelbey Savoie said of the LP she’s releasing with bandmate Troy Patterson. “I really hope people locally enjoy it. If they do take the time to listen to it, I just want to say thank you so much because that’s who have been supporting us the most is people in the La Ronge area.”

The rock album consists of music the band has been producing since coming together in 2015. Savoie explained it has been a slow process, although some songs have been written in the last few months. The duo wrote and recorded all the music themselves.

She expects anyone who is a fan of ’80s or ’90s rock to enjoy the album. Some songs are fast-paced, some are slower ballads and some are inspired by pop. Savoie notes there are also plenty of guitar solos, powerful vocals and catchy choruses.

“Every song on there has been picked apart 100 times and we didn’t decide to release the album until we both thought we had done the absolute best we could on every track,” she said. “We feel it is the best of the best of what we’ve done so far over the last seven years."

There are two songs, in particular, Savoie likes on the album including Absence of Light and Gone Forever. She mentioned Gone Forever is a song people are surprised by when they listen to it.

Set to Flames can be found tomorrow on online platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and YouTube. Physical copies will also for sale in the next week or two. - Derek Cornet, La Ronge Now

""Now it's done. What Now?" Set To Flames React to Release of Debut Full Length"

“I don’t want to use the word isolated but there’s (only) a select few of us (in the La Ronge Hard Rock scene) and it’s not like it makes things more difficult or anything like that but (Set To Flames) is definitely kind of different as opposed to all of the other musical styles that are prevalent there right now. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not saying it’s bad. You just don’t think of hard rock when you think of La Ronge,” muses Set To Flames vocalist Shelbey Savoie.

Savoie was not born in the small northern Saskatchewan community of La Ronge but has called it home for the majority of her life. By day, she’s a mild mannered aircraft maintenance engineer, but after hours, the medium is the majesty of rock and the method is her band Set To Flames.

“Troy (Patterson, Set to Flames guitarist) did music professionally out of high school for ten years so he is an amazing musician all around. I’m super lucky to be able to play with him and learn from him and I don’t take that lightly at all. When I joined there were four guys in the beginning and I just kinda hopped in and said ‘Hey I sing and I wanna start. Give me a cover. Give me something to audition with.’ So I showed up one night and I sang and I got invited back. It evolved a lot but that’s where it started. That would have been in early 2015,” explains Savoie of how she joined the band.

It was soon apparent that the level of commitment that Savoie and Patterson had to the project did not jive with the other guys. Slowly, over a period of time, band members left the group until just Patterson and Savoie remained and that’s how it’s remained that way ever since.

“We were practicing four, sometimes five nights a week. We were doing shows and some of us wanted to do the album, write originals and progress. Unfortunately, some of the guys were just not wanting to commit to that and be at that level of time consumption which is totally understandable. So the direction we wanted to go was just not for them. There was no kind of falling out or anything like that. It was just these guys didn’t wanna commit at the level we chose to and that’s completely understandable,” recounts Savoie.

It was that level of commitment that enabled the pair known as Set To Flames to toil away at their debut full length for six years. The end result is a musical cocktail of early aughts heavy melodic rock, 90’s industrial and a pinch of 80’s glam. Savoie’s vocal hooks often soar over Patterson’s riffs to give the group a radio friendly appeal. Patterson’s tasteful guitar solos also play a major factor in the overall listenability of Set To Flames.

“I think it’s funny. We’ve never been in the same room to write a song together. If Troy comes up with a piece of music, and he sends it to me and he says ‘Do something with it,’ or if I come up with something and I put a vocal track down or maybe a bassline just to give it a little bit of structure, I’ll do the same thing and send it to him. Then if we both decide this is good and it’s gonna go somewhere we’ll continue on and we’ll finish it or if we’re not feeling it we’ll just toss it. That’s really our process of working together is we’ll work separately but we work together,” recounts Savoie of how she and Patterson work together.

In general, in the time frame that the pair worked on the record together, the main goal was not only perfecting the structure of the songs but also how they would sound. The album is entirely self produced but, at the same time, has a professional gloss to it. Savoie attributes most of the production quality to Patterson.

“(Recording the album has) literally been in our basements. We both have the same program that we record and mix everything on so that’s what makes it easy for us to swap out files back and forth. It’s been at home. It’s been trying it out and if we don’t understand we watch youtube, we read blogs, and then we understand. It’s been trial and error. Most of that has not been 100% us. It’s been Troy,” explains Savoie.

For her part, though, Savoie has been able to make sure that her deeply personal lyrics match the arrangements that Patterson puts forward. She has a keen innate ability to turn a phrase. Her words are relatable but she also can tip her hat to the standard form of a good classic rock lyric too.

“Quite a few of the songs are from a personal perspective. Something is happening to me or I’m feeling a certain way. Sometimes the only way I can move past it or process it is to write about it. But then there’s some songs where I just wanna write a rock song. Or I just wanna write something that’s, I don’t want to use the word superficial or anything, but just up towards the surface, just a bit more light hearted. I don’t want everything to be super downer, depressing and stuff like that. But a lot of times I take an experience or a way I’m feeling or something that’s going on and I convert it on paper and that’s my songwriting process,” Savoie said.

Now that Set To Flames' self titled debut has dropped, it’s up to Savoie and Patterson to plan what their next move is in the days, weeks, and months ahead. They will no doubt be itching to get back to playing live shows but, at the same time, they likely won’t want to rest on their laurels for long.

“For the near future, we obviously want to get out there and let everyone know that we do have this album out. We want as many people to hear it as are willing to listen. In the distant future, we’re kind of saying to ourselves ‘well, what now? This has been our focus for the longest time and now it’s done. What now?’ so for now I guess we say ‘let’s just do it all over again’” Savoie concluded. - Scott Roos, North Sask Music Zine


Underwater - EP

Set To Flames - Set To Flames LP



Set To Flames is an alternative rock duo from La Ronge, Saskatchewan that formed in 2015 and consists 100% of Troy Patterson and Shelbey Savoie. From writing lyrics to post-production, we have done it all independently since day one. Set To Flames is excited to announce that our debut single, "Underwater" is available now on all streaming platforms which led up to a self-titled full LP release on July 27th, 2021. Our music is loud, energetic, full of powerful vocal melodies and high-flying guitar solos, reminiscent of 80's/90's rock with a modern spin.

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