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The founders of world-famous folk group Värttinä are back together! Sisters Sari and Mari Kaasinen with their "step-sister" Karoliina Kantelinen take you to their roots in Karelia - the region on Finnish-Russian border. Their voices blend perfectly together when they sing of their lives as women.


In 1983 sisters Sari and Mari Kaasinen, with a little help from their mom Pirkko, founded a group called Värttinä. Seven, eight years later the band did their breakthrough with album OiDai. It was a platinum selling album in Finland and it launched the band an international career which is still viral today.

The elder sister Sari had to leave Värttinä in mid 1990s to consentrate more on her family. Mari has stayed in Värttinä to date. Mari met singer Karoliina Kantelinen while Värttinä was collaborating with an award-winning women's choir Philomela.

Now, in 2008 the history comes alive when sisters Sari and Mari share the stage for the first time in more than 10 years. Together with Karoliina they form a trio that leaps back to their original roots, back to where Värttinä got off. This time around they dive even deeper.

Singing traditional compositions and ones composed by Sari Kaasinen, the voices of this trio blend together in a marvelous way. It's yet to set new standards for Karelian singing traditions and to thrill audiences around the world. Some of the arrangements are accompanied by kanteles, Finnish national instuments, played by all three ladies.