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Mauá, São Paulo, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2010

Mauá, São Paulo, Brazil
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Metal Thrash Metal




"Setfire - Deserted Land"

SETFIRE “Deserted Land”

Deserted Land – EP – Setfire Available on iTunes and Amazon

SETFIRE’s debut EP “Deserted Land” was originally released in Brazil (the bands home country). Recently is has just become available for world wide purchase through iTunes and Amazon. I usually leave this type of info and the end of my reviews but for the sake of what I am about to share regarding this 5 track set, it is probably necessary that I share it right out of the gate. As a writer here in the world wide Heavy Metal scene I have seen a lot of bands come and go with fads, and styles (ex. Hair Metal, Grunge, Nu Metal). I wont deny that there were some good bands to come out of these fads, but then there are those bands who I have followed who have come to stand as the timeless pillars of Heavy Metal Music (Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, Iron Maiden etc).

These are the bands that rise to  change as well as unite the Heavy Metal Scene across the planet. There are a few of these bands that rise up from every generation. We are quite fortunate that the Metal Gods have again blessed us with another chance to witness the rise of what could easily be one these very bands and they are rising up from the very nation that gave us the MIGHTY SEPULTURA. SETFIRE’s moniker is their mission and the FIRES are spreading quickly.

Deserted Land is a 5 track master piece from start to finish. The set opens with an eerie yet enticing and memorizing intro that build an anticipatory effect before exploding into to track 2 “Nordeste”. Nordeste hits you in the face with full on Thrash/Death ferocity at such a rate that, that at first listen it leaves you wondering if what you just heard really passed through your eardrum. Cool thing is that you listen again and again and it never loses its effect. Track 3 “Revolution of Machines” does not let up one bit. The ride continues with the climactic chorus line, that features an athemic call and response between Artur Morais’s distorted vocals and Klemer Santiago’s guitar. If this is not a live staple already, it certainly will be in time. Track 4. “Social Bomb” takes things into Groove Metal territory with a catchy fist pumping groove that brings a nice change of pace without letting up on the intensity. The set closes with track 5 and also the bands first official video “Envy Shit” A good friend actually sent a me link to this track and insisted that I stop what I doing and give it a listen. I never heard of SETFIRE prior to this, but I was curious. I clicked the link and within about 45 seconds into my initial listen I decided that they had to be featured here on the dArksIde because this had to be heard. See Feature Here 

SETFIRE is currently working on a new video that will be dropping shortly. They are also preparing for the their first US tour next summer in 2016. As I said in the beginning of this review “Deserted Land” is a “Timeless Brutal Heavy Metal Master Piece”. You can truly hear and feel the fire exuding out of the minds and hearts of  these five extremely talented gentleman. I have said enough now GO LISTEN and BUY the whole set, as provides not dull moment anywhere  ! - Tim Shearn


Still working on that hot first release.