Seth Billy

Seth Billy


The music of Seth Billy gives the listener a taste of the energy that lies within the Caribbean. The Caribbean is known for that magical blend of spiritual yet sensual energy that exhibits itself through music such as soca, blues or roots reggae. We invite the listener to review the sample tracks.


Seth Billy is a reggae artist from Barbados who after earning his college degree decided to follow his heart/true calling and pursue music. Seth Billy has been recording reggae music for 2 years in Barbados and had a number of local hits to his credit before he was guided through the powers of the Infinite One to 7th Street.
7th Street is the name of Seth's backing band and is comprised of 4 of the most talented reggae musicians the genre has to offer.
Seth has recorded his debut album 'One Way' and with the help of the Most High Haile Selassie along with 7th Street, he is about to take his music to the world, one day at a time, ONE WAY.


Singles Albums
1) 'Tender Touch' 1) One Way
2) 'Jah is Boss'
3) 'Lovely'

Set List

1) Missionary
2) Lovely
3) Jah is Boss
4) Secret Lover
5) Tender Touch
6) Because of You
7) Babylon Throne
8) Love Will Show
9) Bodyguard
10) So Seductive
11) Talk to Me
12) Like Your Style
13) Can't Hold Me Down
14) Won't Bow
15) Bring Loving
16) Love = Life
17) Special Lady
18) Jah = Freedom
19) The System
20) Can't touch me
21) Wasted Tears