Seth Hogan

Seth Hogan


Seth Hogan is a modern folk singer/songwriter known for a distinctive baritone singing voice combined with the innovative synthesis of accordion, timeless folk elements and the electronic palette


Seth Hogan writes and performs earthy, cinematic music with a mixture of timeless folk elements and the electronic palette.

Hogan was raised on folk, blues, R&B, British pop, and country music. When he began playing music himself, he started as a singer, songwriter and bandleader. His voice is an expressive baritone—kind of like a cross between Bono, Johnny Cash and Jeff Tweedy.

After he left home, Hogan traveled a lot (South America, Europe, The Middle East) and was exposed to more diverse sounds and in the late 1990’s he discovered the accordion while living in Italy. This discovery opened his palette even further as he took an interest in music from Europe and the Americas that used accordion as a key sonic element: Tango, Tarantella, French Musette, Cajun & Zydeco, Cumbia & Ranchera.

In his own music, he began to combine his roots songwriting style with the sonic flavor of the accordion and instrumental music using both acoustic folk and electronic elements.

That fork in the road has led him to where he today. His musical purpose is to incorporate the old and the new, the acoustic and electric, the folk and the cosmopolitan, in an appealing, innovative and timeless way.


Seth Hogan & The Black Lashes "High Plains Disco Party Music, Volume I"