Seth Horan

Seth Horan


"He plays solo bass guitar like Victor Wooten, sings songs like John Mayer and Ani DiFranco, and performs with the intensity of Martin Sexton. He's a freak of nature, and he's phenonmenal."


*Featured in October 2005 issue of BASSICS magazine

*Selected for inclusion on "Unbelievably Unsigned" compilation, released October '05 on Intellective Records

*2003 Just Plain Folks Artist of the Year

*Formerly of RCA group Vertical Horizon


CONDUIT (Benchmark Records 2004)

NOTWITHSTANDING (Benchmark Records 2003)

...THIS IS THE SESSION. (independent 2000)

Set List

Set list varies by show; almost entirely original music (occasional alternate versions of cover songs thrown in for fun)

For soundclips from live performances, check this URL:

Standard headlining show is one 90 minute set (very flexible)