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The best kept secret in music


"Praise for "Conduit"..."

SETH HORAN"Conduit" (Rock) Yet another singer/songwriter who's last name begins with an H. However, this one plays bass, and his album is better than others mentioned here. He has a Jason Mraz-esque voice and has written some good songs. His bass playing is very refreshing. It's good to hear something by one of these guys on an instrument other than accoustic guitar. (I love the accoustic, but isn't it overused sometimes?) Comparisons: Jason Mraz. Key Tracks: "Anonymity" "Home" - Jon Karst (9/23/04)
- GB Records website

"Warwick Basses endorse Seth..."

"Conduit features all of the things that we have come to expect from Seth - great songs, jaw-dropping bass technique, emotional vocals - but it also marks a wonderful evolution in his musicality. How wonderful? The songs and vocals are so good that you actually do not realize all of the amazing technique that Seth is serving up! That is a sign of not only strong songwriting, but perfect recording and engineering.

If you would like to hear some intense bass playing in the context of real songs, go check out Conduit."

-- Dale Titus, Dana B. Goods


""Conduit" in a nutshell"

Seth Horan’s new album, Conduit, is a hard disc to categorize - it’s pop without being useless, emo without being whiney, rock without being obnoxious, folk without being boring, and technically brilliant without being self indulgent. Fortunately, it can be classified in one category fairly easily, as a disc you need to hear and listen to (there’s a difference, trust me).
- Ed Brillante, DB

"...and more..."

"Think Jaco Pastorious playing bass and John Mayer singing and you will get the idea what this unique folk artist sounds like..."

Phillip E. Hardy for -

""Bedroom rock for visionaries""

Those in search of a more mainstream sound on Saturday night might like to check out Seth Horan. Horan, a former member of Vertical Horizon, will be playing a solo show at Juna's Cafe: he'll be playing his own songs and accompanying himself on five-string bass.
Horan's new album Notwithstanding, which features a full band backing his earnest voice, pairs Vertical Horizon's anthemic rock sound to a white-soulful vocal style reminiscent of Simply Red. His songs are primarily about relationships - failed or failing - and the lyrics are literal rather than oblique, with references to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Scientology, and 'Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus'
- Casey Westerman - Ithaca Times

""Notwithstanding" review"

Seth Horan cut his teeth playing bass for Vertical Horizon. After six months of "dental surgery", he has released "Notwithstanding", which features nine tracks of his introspective songwriting. Big deal. Everyone and their roadie are releasing his types of albums. What makes THIS CD different is that his beloved bass is the featured instrument. He strums, slaps, and picks it like an acoustic guitar, with suprising results.
Highlight track: "Something Pretty". It's the best song the Barenaked Ladies never wrote.
-T.F. - Indianapolis Mens Magazine

"Live show review"

...the crowd was relaxed and mellow listening to the first couple of soft ballads... and then Seth Horan walked up with his electric bass. Originally from Buffalo, NY and a graduate of the University of Miami, this guy is an instant attention getter! It's like watching Victor Wooten, the bassist for Bela Fleck in the Flecktones jam out and sing at the same time! His rhythmic, funky two-handed tapping style is technically amazing and
his song got the whole place grooving along and moving their heads. Seth will be playing on May 11th for all of you who want to see a good rock singer/songwriter with mind altering bass talent.
-Liz Hawley - The LA Music

"high praise..."

...the only way anyone could properly thumb Seth is the following: Seth Horan plays manic two-handed basslines faster and more accurately than God Himself and sings literate and brilliantly accessible lyrics at the same friggin’ time. In short, he is the perfect solo singer-songwriter.
- Mike VanGorder - ISM magazine


CONDUIT (Benchmark Records 2004)

NOTWITHSTANDING (Benchmark Records 2003)

...THIS IS THE SESSION. (independent 2000)


Feeling a bit camera shy


*Featured in October 2005 issue of BASSICS magazine

*Selected for inclusion on "Unbelievably Unsigned" compilation, released October '05 on Intellective Records

*2003 Just Plain Folks Artist of the Year

*Formerly of RCA group Vertical Horizon