Seth Horan

Seth Horan

 Reno, Nevada, USA

"He plays solo bass guitar like Victor Wooten, sings songs like Ani DiFranco and John Mayer, and performs with the intensity of Martin Sexton. He's a freak of nature, and he's phenomenal." - OC Beachcomber


Seth Horan is a touring singer/songwriter. And there are thousands of those. He left RCA band Vertical Horizon in 1998, right on the brink of that bands multi-platinum success, and decided to play his songs alone on his bass rather than pick up the traditional six-string acoustic guitar hailed as the universal standard for songwriters. He did this to push the envelope of modern songwriting and performance; he did it to see how far he could go while still being accepted by the mainstream; he did it to explore a new sound in a market that becomes more homogenized every day. But most importantly, he did it because he has been a bass player since he was twelve years old, and he really, really, really sucks at guitar.

Originally hailing from Buffalo NY, he toured the United States non-strop from March of 2002 until May of 2005. After becoming sponsored by Warwick basses in 2006, he began touring internationally, building a sizable following and turning heads with his blend of fingerpicking, slapping, tapping, harmonics, and chording to accompany his voice. To say that Horan plays the bass like a guitar is a vast understatement. More to the point, he plays it like a dulcimer, a drum set, a harp, and a xylophone all at the same time.

This quote from the Ocean City Beachcomber sums it up: "He plays solo bass guitar like Victor Wooten, sings songs like John Mayer and Ani DiFranco, and performs with the intensity of Martin Sexton. Hes a freak of nature, and hes phenomenal."

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Believe it. You need to hear this.


2009 - "Clang & Chime"

2008 - "Between Two Oceans" (DVD)

2007 - "Happenstance"

2004 - "Conduit"

2002 - "Notwithstanding"

2000 - "...this is the session."

Set List

typical set is 90 minutes of mainly original material with occasional cover songs (obscure/unique arrangements) and random improvisation