::: Seth Regan :::

::: Seth Regan :::

 San Diego, California, USA

Formerly the lead singer of Mankind, Seth Regan has captured rock with hints of classical. Odd time signatures and haunting vocal leads, his lyrics speak of thoughtful introspection. Seth writes, plays, sings all parts & is literally a one man show. He also produces and engineers all songs.


Seth Regan has toured professionally as lead singer/ guitarist for over two decades with both original and cover projects. He has already released several CD's on his own, "Beyond the Shade" and "Depth of Shadows", and has reentry released his third all original self produced album "Underground", a compilation of original music including the title track "Underground" which is already receiving rave reviews.

Most recently, for over 5.5 years performing under the pseudonym of Mankind Tracer, Seth has become the #1 live performer in the 3D virtual world known as Second Life (SL) www.secondlife.com and keeps the same name while performing in other virtual worlds. There are over 20 million registered users globally in SL and with Seth in the top spot, he is primed for success on his new CD. His other releases, "Beyond the Shade" and "Depth of Shadows" have both surpassed expectations. Seth is the recipient of the most prestigious awards in SL including Best Live Performer, Best Singer Songwriter, Listener's Choice Award and most recently the 2011 Best of SL Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Second Life. With literally hundreds of artists performing daily in SL, and in a very saturated music scene, it is Seth's professional business sense, marketing/PR expertise and amazing talent which have all helped keep him at the top of the food chain. 

In Second Life, Seth as Mankind Tracer, holds the record for the most simultaneous venues carrying his live video concert at once (52 venues) at the 2010 "Peace, Love & Belief IV" Concert Event. This year at PLB V, Seth broke his own record with 60 venues. PLB V took place in Second Life on November 6, 2011. Seth generously donated half the proceeds of PLB V to ALS Research.

Seth is also the "goto guy" for the bigger SL events organized by Linden Labs, creators of SL, such as the Second Life Birthday Parties, The Burning Life events among other high profile events. Seth is the artist repeatedly asked to perform the larger events due his consistent drawing power and PR/Marketing skills.

Seth also owns a professional website/graphic design firm and another company in which he designs and manufactures a large line of completely custom, hand crafted antique lighting fixture reproductions. His lights presently hang in the US Capitol Building, have been used in movies, Government offices, retail consumers and celebrity homes. 

Even with his busy schedule, Seth still finds time to perform charity functions, giving of himself for the benefit of others less fortunate.

For a demo of Seth Regan music, please head to http://www.sethregan.com/demo

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See Me © 2005 Seth Regan Music

Written By: Seth Regan

You think of me only when you need something
But in my mind, you're undefined
Still I play in the fire

You see me, you hear me
I don't feel much anymore
I gave up on trying so why don't you?

You needed me more than you needed breathing
But I stayed and as I prayed
Nothing changed but my mind

You see me, you hear me
I don't want this anymore
I gave up on having so why don't you?

You see me, you hear me
I can't take this anymore
You see me, you hear me
I did it all for you
I've given up everything, Why don't you?
Why don't you?

Freakin' Out © 2005 Seth Regan Music

Written By: Lyrics: Seth Regan - Music: Seth Regan, John Keel, Chris Burti, Frank Cassesse

I created this life
thoughtless independence running wild.
And so, too long to arrive
here is now as then intends to die.

Another ordinary day
work for wages earning second life.
And so, so I sit and write
All for nothing, nothing treats me right.

Am I behaving differently
my head, it screams my thoughts too loud.
Someone inside that I can't see
Wait it's just me I'm freakin' out!

Am I behaving differently
Whisper in my ear but it's too loud
The Walls are moving constantly
Wait it's just I'm freakin',
I'm freakin',
I'm freakin' out!

Something More © 2005 Seth Regan Music

Written By: Seth Regan

Take this blindfold from my eyes
show me what I need to make it
through the violent thunder

There are things I need to know
that I refuse to see
I need you there to guide me

I should have known
If I stay you'd come alive

Don't fall on me cuz you used to
and life is taking far too long
Don't follow me, it won't be worth it to you
I need something, something more.

I keep a notebook by the door
in case I think of things to try
that stop me from becoming something

Here inside the lock is old
but strong enough to keep me in
There are many things


"Beyond the Shade" - 2009

Inside Your Dreams
See Me
Prelude to Something
Something More
Sunset - Blood Sunrise Part II
She's So Real
Free as Light

"Depth of Shadows" - 2010

Peaceful Rain
Blood Sunrise
Woman Made of Glass
Aden's Prayer
The Whole
The River

"Underground" - 2012

Do it Again
Paper Cup
Freakin' Out
Outside Me