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Seth Rock

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Everyone wants to say they posses their own sound, I don't boast of individuality, I just deliver music that comes from my soul. Which happens to present itself in a very different and exciting way. My shows are high energy and my stage presence cannot be denied.


The unique rhythms and melodies Seth puts behind the lyrics make his songs commercially applicable even against today's latest trends. At the same time, he has made his 'Fuck Seth Rock' campaign a common theme around independent music sites such as Soundclick and Myspace. A veteran in Ohio clubs such as Al Rosa Villa in Columbus, The Underground in Sandusky, and also various spots in his home town of Dayton. Seth has opened for credible names in underground hip hop such as Anybody Killa, Tech N9ne, Potluck, DGAF, Dirtball, Big B, HED PE, Grave Plott, and many more. With the release of "White Men Can't Rap" this June and "Fuck Seth Rock" (Produced by VTZ) scheduled for an early 2010 release. Seth Rock is undoubtedly making a name for himself in the underground hip hop scene.


Cartoons & Nightmares - 2001
Marvolus - 2003
Auto-Biological Warfare - 2005
The Next Greatest Hits - 2008
White Men Can't Rap - 2009

Set List

A typical set can run from 30 minutes to an hour. I am extremely versatile and can fill almost any time slot. Most set's contain about 10 songs and most of those songs run about 3 minutes in length.