We play radio-friendly heavy edged music with a melodic singer. We're quickly becoming a well known act with catchy songs & charasmatic members. A future marketing giant in the making. Look out for Setiva


We are Setiva, we are quickly catching on in the music world as a fresh, new experience in rock that captivates it's listeners and sends them on an "emotional rollercoaster" with feelings of anger, frustration, angst, joy, etc..etc...We are from Rochester, New York and have gone thru many changes since the bands start-up in March of 2005. Our members are all veterans in the Rochester music scene and have played with many National Acts thru the course of it all. Our singer Jason Ferguson was 1 of 2 frontmen of Rochester's LOOPUS. Our bass player is Donnie Death (OMNIBLANK, INHERENCE, DEFCON 5, CHAOS THEORY, SMACKIN DADDIES) Our Drummer is JJ Lickers (SMACKIN DADDIES, CHAOS THEORY, etc..) Chris, the guitar player was the bass player in the Limp Bizkit tribute band SIGNIFIGANT OTHER & since then, has played guitar in SOURPUSS & RESPIRATE. Setiva is pushing to become the "next big thing" in the music industry. We appreciate so very much the love & support from the fans and friends we have made (and have yet to make) have shown us. This is what it's all about. We love you & we hope to see you out there soon, until then, peace .


Crazy, Screaming Liquid have airplay on several independantly ran internet radio stations. Our myspace song player consistantly gets between 600 to 700 plays daily

Set List

Our set ranges from 45-60 minutes and is all original, a common set for us is Hellmouth, Bury Me, Crazy, Why?, Shattered, Empire, Sunday Morning Matinee, Purpose, Screaming Liquid, Sick Sinister, Corporate Killers