Setrak Setrakian

Setrak Setrakian


Setrak Setrakian, Comopser and Pianist, former Director of Ganatchian Music College/Beirut-Lebanon


Date and Place of Birth: 1938 Beirut, Nationality: Lebanese
Music Education:
1950-1960 I have studied piano, solfege, theory and harmony with Prof. Ernest Chouha in "Ernest Chouha" Music College in Aleppo.

1961-1962 I have studied piano, harmony with Prof. T. Succar, Mrs. Turkiyeh and Prof. Michel Tcheskinov in the National Conservatoire of Lebanon.

1962-1964 I have studied in the National Conservatoire of Damascus harmony and composition with Prof. Sergey Schydril.

1964-1965 I have studied piano and composition with Prof. Günter Kohl in Jerusalem.

1966-1970 In Aleppo and Damascus I have given lessons of piano and harmony.

1971-1972 I have been invited to "Komitas" Conservatoire of Yerevan to specialize with the following professors:

1) Etvart Mirzoyan Composition

2) Etvart Baghdasarian Harmony

3) Krikor Hakhinian Polyphony

4) Kevork Armenian Orchestration

5) Elenora Atamian Piano

6) Aved Derderian Opera Composition

1974-1978 I was professor of piano in College Mont La Salle, Ain Saadeh Beirut.

1978-1980 I was professor of piano in College des Apotre, Jounieh Beirut.

1980-1985 Professor of piano in Beirut. (Personal lessons)

1985-1988 Professor of piano and music in the Armenian Theological Seminary of the Catholicosate of Cilicia Beirut.

1986-1987 Professor of piano and harmony in P. Ganatchian Music College, Beirut.

1987 -1999 Director and Professor of piano, harmony, composition, and music analyzing, in P. Ganatchian Music College, Beirut.

N.B. In 1994 I have been awarded by the Catholicosate KAREKINE II, the Medal of Honor St. "MESROB MACHDOTZ".


Setrak Setrakian's CDs

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Set List



Sabre Dance

Poeme for piano
Six Pictures

:: J.S. Bach
English Suite 2
Chromatic Fantasy &
Fugue in A minor
French Suites Nos. 3, 5, 6
Italian Concerto
Preludes and Fugues
Partitas No. 2, 3, 5
Organ works

Improvisations Op.20
Pieces from Mikrokosmos
'Out of Doors' Suite

Sonatas Op. 2 Nos 1, 2, 3
Sonata Op.7
Sonatas Op. 10 Nos 1,
Sonata Op. 13 (Pathetique)
Sonata Op. 14 Nos 1, 2
Sonata Op. 22
Sonata Op. 26
Sonatas Op. 27 Nos 1, 2 (Moonlight)
Sonata Op. 28
Sonatas Op. 31 Nos 1, 3
Sonata Op. 53 (Waldstein)
Sonata Op. 54
Sonata Op. 57 (Appassionata)
Sonata Op. 78
Sonata Op. 79
Sonata Op. 81A (Les Adieux)
Sonata Op. 90
Sonata Op. 101
Sonata Op. 109
Sonata Op. 110
Variations on a March
by Dressler WoO 63
Variations on 'Kind, willst du
ruhig schlafen' WoO75
Variations on 'God save the Kin