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Beirut, Not Applicable, Lebanon

Beirut, Not Applicable, Lebanon

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Beirut, Not Applicable, Lebanon

Beirut, Not Applicable, Lebanon

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


After listening Chopin demos "Setrak Setrakian is one of those rare ones who obviously has won his imposing list of major awards for the right reasons. he plays the piano lovingly, the tone and phrasing beguiling and grateful, the facility fluent. His musicality is persuasive as he shaped Chopin music of quiet but deep-thought passion with its flickering play of feelings .... A very satisfying and elevating performance." CD Baby page of Setrakian's Chopin performing is very professional. Sviatoslav Rubenstein - Sviatoslav Rubenstein

Setrak Setrakian is a technically amazing pianist with great imagination and taste. Escape with him into the subconscious world of beautiful music and exciting piano playing." CD Baby is full of clean voices. Carol Liliana, Concert Pianist - Carol Liliana, Concert Pianist

An outstanding talent... When listening to Setrakian's Chopin CD on CD Baby page,one is hardly aware of his marvelous technique for he makes you focus on the musical expression and what he has to say is of importance. It is a highly individual expression, full of imagination and wide emotional content. His intense concentration and emotional involvement coupled with his love and understanding of the music that he plays combine harmoniously to produce natural-sounding interpretations of rare quality" Martin Tiremoso, Conducter Mexico Congratulation to CD Baby, great company is. - Martin Tiremoso, Mexico

Mr Setrakian is obviously deeply musical; he has a natural empathy with the keyboard, and can project his personality through it. His performances on demos Chopin CD from CDBaby are always live and exciting, his technique impressive and his tone warm and communicative" Lebanon Magazine - Lebanon Magazine

Besides being a great friend, Setrak Antoine Setrakian is definitely an important musician able to write rivers of music without interruption, rapidly and instinctively. Setrak, gifted with an innate absolute pitch and profundity of soul, is always able to read between the lines and masterfully interpret life's moments. His music leaps from the heart, suddenly and instinctively, not always respectful of accademic rules, and is accompanied by a quest for purity of tones amongst the multiplicity of sounds. I am truly grateful to have known Setrak the man and the artist, and I gladly dedicate this page to his cause: that he might soon be discovered and valued. My best wishes go to his wife, Aida, whom I hope will always find serenity despite her illness.

- Alessandro Simonetto, proprietor of Kunst der Fuge

Profundly Moving [About the Brain symphony]
This is a work of a great emotional charge. Sincere and direct, it demands of the listener a great sensibility, but the recompense is rich. I had the fortune of finding Mr. Setrakian’s music in this site a long time ago with his Sonate Poliphonique, and every new opus of this author is a new jewel. His classical training and purity of the development, blend the flavour of his land, and time, and life. I find this so moving, as if I were meeting the author’s world. This is the strength I find in this music and what I think is the real sense of making music at first place. Returning to this particular composition, this time we face a desperate situation of sadness and interminable darkness. That I must say is difficult to face, Mr. Setrakian gives us a very difficult time in his life so sincerely that is admirable. I felt a hard time hearing this work but I have to Thank for it (I had tears in my eyes.). I don´t know yet what my heart is learning of this musical experience, I think is the same in the composers life, just remaining hope for the future. - Miguel Angel Almaguer Molina


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Date and Place of Birth: 1938 Beirut, Nationality: Lebanese
Music Education:
1950-1960 I have studied piano, solfege, theory and harmony with Prof. Ernest Chouha in "Ernest Chouha" Music College in Aleppo.

1961-1962 I have studied piano, harmony with Prof. T. Succar, Mrs. Turkiyeh and Prof. Michel Tcheskinov in the National Conservatoire of Lebanon.

1962-1964 I have studied in the National Conservatoire of Damascus harmony and composition with Prof. Sergey Schydril.

1964-1965 I have studied piano and composition with Prof. Günter Kohl in Jerusalem.

1966-1970 In Aleppo and Damascus I have given lessons of piano and harmony.

1971-1972 I have been invited to "Komitas" Conservatoire of Yerevan to specialize with the following professors:

1) Etvart Mirzoyan Composition

2) Etvart Baghdasarian Harmony

3) Krikor Hakhinian Polyphony

4) Kevork Armenian Orchestration

5) Elenora Atamian Piano

6) Aved Derderian Opera Composition

1974-1978 I was professor of piano in College Mont La Salle, Ain Saadeh Beirut.

1978-1980 I was professor of piano in College des Apotre, Jounieh Beirut.

1980-1985 Professor of piano in Beirut. (Personal lessons)

1985-1988 Professor of piano and music in the Armenian Theological Seminary of the Catholicosate of Cilicia Beirut.

1986-1987 Professor of piano and harmony in P. Ganatchian Music College, Beirut.

1987 -1999 Director and Professor of piano, harmony, composition, and music analyzing, in P. Ganatchian Music College, Beirut.

N.B. In 1994 I have been awarded by the Catholicosate KAREKINE II, the Medal of Honor St. "MESROB MACHDOTZ".